11 Things Not To Do Before Getting a Tattoo


Get ready to get a tattoo? Did you ever do some research on what you can’t do before getting tattooed? No matter what the answer is, this article will provide valuable information that you need, to help you get a satisfied tattoo with no regret. We’ve concluded 11 most common aspects that will harm people’s mood after getting his tattoo.

No Shower Before Getting Tattooed

You should take a shower before getting tattooed. If possible, don’t use any perfume. The perfume will affect the artist’s attention, making them hard to focus mind. Keep your body clean in case of infection.

Forget To Eat

Most people ignore this. You should eat before your appointment. If you haven’t eaten any food, it will raise the risk of zonking out, because the process can last several hours.

Your skin will get pierced during the tattooing process. You will feel different degrees of pain, according to different parts of your body. If you haven’t prepared for it, or you can’t bear the pain, maybe you’ll need to reconsider it.

Too Eager to Get a Tattoo

Reputable artists are often busy and you need to make appointments. A good way to know whether your artist is skilled or not, is checking the length of your waiting period. The longer the time you wait, the more skillful artist is. Another way is checking their reviews on internet if they have a band or website.

When getting tattooed, don’t be eager to end the process. If an artist pays more time on tattooing, then he is probably more careful and concentrative, which means that you will have a satisfying tattoo.

Have No Idea About the Tattoo Process And Tools

A qualified tattoo studio or salon often has very clean environment. The packages of tools, like needles, inks and tubes, should be fresh and sealed.

A good behavior of tattoo artist is wearing gloves or washing hands before getting to work. If the equipment or environment is not clean, you will be at potential risks of getting illness.

Did No Research On Your Skin

Some people’s skin has low immunity, which means the skin will easily get infection or cause allergic reaction. You should ask a pro to have a clear mind about whether your skin has a good condition to get tattooed.

Try to Ask Your Artist to Follow Your Mind

Nobody likes being told to do a job that he is skilled at, especially the person is a layman. No matter how many tattoos you have, it does not make you an expert. Every artist has his own mind to work. Your words will only disturb him, which will lead to an unsatisfying tattoo.

Go With Retinues

The tattooing process needs quiet environment. A tattoo artist needs to focus his mind when working and a talking people will bring much pressure to him. It may also ruin your tattoo sometimes.

Don’t bring children with you. As the law prohibits the minors getting tattooed, why bring them with you?

Be Intoxicated or On Medications

Many people take medicine or drink wine before tattoo appointment  to help them ease the pain to get through the whole process. Being drunk will make it hard for a artist to tattoo you.

Do No Research Before

You should check the artist or shop’s website or fb pages to see if they have good reputation. You can also have a preferable artist in mind by viewing photos of their works. Checking the photos also help you have a clear mind about the environment. If it’s not clean then you can move on to the next studio.

Don’t Know What You Want

It’s a big problem that many people have. Because you may have a tattoo for the rest of life, it’s really necessary for you to think a bit more. Having no idea what you want will only give you a tattoo that you’ll regret in the future. Besides, the tattoo removal treatment will cost you a big number of money.

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