About Us

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It is also your most obvious organ and – without a doubt – the very first thing people notice about you.

Don’t you want to put your best skin forward?

That’s why we’re here. We are a handful of skin-obsessed people on a mission to help anyone and everyone who wants healthy, radiant skin get just that.

You see, we believe that everyone can have clear, perfect skin. It is not a privilege, it’s not luck nor is it genetics – healthy, glowing skin is your birth right. You just have to claim it.

And we’re going to show you how.

What you’ll find on Skin Care Mint is not the same, tired old advice on how you should drink more water, get plenty of sleep, exercise, yada yada yada. Sure, all of those points are important, but you already know the obvious.

We’re here to give you the skin care tips and advice that matter. The ones that go straight for the jugular and transform your skin.

And that’s all you’ll find on Skin Care Mint: methods that will help you get flawless, glowing skin.  We cover everything related to getting that perfect, radiant skin you know you deserve.

Ready to start glowing?