AcneFree Review

acnefree-matr-3933463AcneFree is a popular product for getting rid of acne and giving your skin a new glow. It’s based on benzoyl peroxide, which has been well-proven to fight acne. This is only one part of the three-piece AcneFree kit. The company offers scrubs, toners and a moisturizing lotion. Their products can be found at drugstores and discount stores in the United States.

Even though the main ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, the company claims that their products have a formula that is time-released, which is supposed to make them more effective than other products that use the same ingredient. But does it really work better than its competitors?

“AcneFree worked quickly and I used it on my face, chest, arms and back. It was drying, though. Still, it works better than anything my dermatologist has recommended. Watch out for the rebound breakouts”.    – anonymous reviewer, Florida

What are the Benefits of AcneFree?

Using the same active ingredient as Proactiv, it has been found that AcneFree can help to get rid of some acne by drying the skin out and creating an environment that is hostile to bacteria. The bacteria are quickly killed off, but some studies have shown that the product makes your skin rebound too quickly. This can lead to more breakouts unless you keep using the product.

The makers of AcneFree state that their product kills acne in five ways. They use the inclusion of benzalkonium chloride, retinol, acid sulfur and salicylic acid in addition to benzoyl peroxide, as evidence.

Benzalkonium chloride is a compound that serves as an antibacterial. It does work against bacteria that cause impetigo and acne, but it would only affect roughly 20% of your blemishes in the first treatment week, and perhaps 50% of your blemishes after one month.

Retinol is a vitamin that stimulates skin growth, and it opens pores to smooth the skin. If too much Retinol is used in a formula, it can cause the skin to re-grow too quickly, which will result in irritation and itching.

Sulfur works by denying bacteria the proteins they need to grow. It also breaks down the various things that clog pores and cause whiteheads and blackheads. AcneFree claims that their sulfur relieves acne without drying or peeling, but many users of products made from sulfur have found that they experience drying and peeling of skin.

Salicylic acid doesn’t kill acne itself, but it does work to loosen skin surface debris, both in pores and on the skin. This allows pores to drain freely. Exfoliating the top skin layer will help in the stimulation of lower layer collagen in your skin. Your pores will be open and clear and your skin will be healthier. The problem with salicylic acid is using the proper concentration. It needs to be strong enough that it can remove excess oils and dead skin, but mild enough that it won’t hurt your skin.

Does AcneFree Clear Skin 24/7?

AcneFree claims that it will clear your skin 24/7. It bases this on the ingredient “time released” benzoyl peroxide. Time released benzoyl peroxide would mean a smaller amount of product was working at any time, so it could still kill off bacteria without as much skin irritation.

The problem is, that’s not the type of benzoyl peroxide AcneFree uses. They use micronized benzoyl peroxide, while the timed release formula is microencapsulated. This product may stay inside your pores, to work better, but much will remain on your skin surface, where there aren’t acne bacteria to fight.

What are the Side Effects of AcneFree?

Like all products that contain benzoyl peroxide, there are side effects associated with AcneFree. These include drying of skin, itching, redness, irritation, sun sensitivity and peeling. The strength or sensitivity of your skin will determine how much the product may affect you.

“This product got rid of most of my acne. It did dry out my skin, even though it’s usually oily. It tightens pores, but I used a moisturizer at the same time, to fight the drying. It made my skin a little red, but that went away after a bit.  I used AcneFree for two years, and it really helped my acne. It made my severe acne more like a case of mild acne, and cleared some of it up altogether.”    – Bryan from Texas

What is the History of AcneFree?

AcneFree is basically a copycat to the wildly popular Proactiv product. AcneFree originally gave you the same types of basic ingredients at a lower price. Then Proactiv dropped their prices to nearly the same level as AcneFree.

AcneFree manufacturers claim that their product works more effectively because it has a formula based on time-release. They don’t have clinical proof of this claim, and most reviewers feel that the product is basically the same as Proactiv.

AcneFree has claimed that its treatments will cure acne in five ways, but this was not observed by people who have used the product. The ingredient of benzoyl peroxide is finely ground, and the company says that this causes a timed release reaction. In fact, it does not. It simply allows the product to go more deeply into the skin.

If you have tried Proactiv and found that your skin became itchy and red, you will likely have the same reaction to AcneFree.  On the other hand, if Proactiv works well for you, AcneFree is a little cheaper, and you should see pretty much the same results. Be sure to test the product on a small area first before applying to your face, to check for possible adverse reactions.

In Summary…

AcneFree has not been proven to be better than the Proactiv product whose active ingredient is the same. In some cases it doesn’t work, but no product works for everyone. It also may make your acne worse while you use it, and may damage your skin. There are better products on the market than AcneFree, with fewer side effects.
If you have only a mild case of acne, you are much more likely to get positive results with AcneFree than you will if you have moderate or severe acne.

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