What’s the Best Blackhead Scrub? Our Top 3 Picks

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Blackheads are a fact of life – at least for anyone with pores (i.e. all of us). But those of us with oily skin can be especially to prone to blackheads.

You probably already know what causes blackheads, but in case you don’t – blackheads are created when excess oil clogs up the pores and mixes with impurities like dead skin cells and other debris.

This gunk pile of oil and dirt eventually finds its way up to the skin’s surface and when it meets air, it oxidizes and turns black.

In short: if your skin naturally produces a lot of oil, those are prime breeding grounds for blackheads. So what is an oily-skinned beauty to do?

Use a blackhead scrub.

These not only help exfoliate and dislodge the blackheads that are already in your skin, but a good blackhead scrub will also slough off dead skin cells and other build-up so they don’t become blackheads in the first place!

On top of all this, these scrubs usually come with other ingredients that encourage your skin to tone down the oil production. The result? Less clogged pores, less buildup on your skin, and less blackheads. Win, win and win.

But not any old scrub will do. In fact, you want to avoid exfoliators with large granules (hint: St Ives Apricot Scrub) at all costs. Scrubs with large grains should be reserved for your elbows and knees – not your precious, delicate facial skin.

So which scrubs should you be using to work blackhead-fighting magic?  Here’s a little list of the top 3 blackhead scrubs!

India’s Secret Blackhead Dissolving Face Scrub

Diva Stuff Face Scrubbie India’s Secret, Dissolves Blackheads, Whiteheads & Acne, Face Exfoliator...
  • Tumeric, Lemongrass, Cinnamon,Baking Soda,Lemon
  • Blackhead Dissolving Face Scrubbies

When it comes to getting rid of blackheads, this scrub is the business! Seriously, it’s a simple blackhead scrub but it removes even the most stubborn blackheads. And even more remarkably – it does it all naturally.

Yea, this is a straight up natural product, using the likes of turmeric, cinnamon, and other ingredients we recommend as home remedies for blackheads.

And it must combine them in a perfect little ratio, because this stuff works really well without being abrasive. You just wet the little face scrubbies and gently massage it over your face for about a minute. You’ll feel a wonderful little tingle as it destroys blackheads and other evil skin lurkers (we’re looking at you, pimples).  Wash it off and see how soft and clear of blackheads your skin feels.

We also love how this blackhead scrub seems to “loosen” stubborn blackheads – if you want to go the extra mile to clearing your skin of blackheads, go ahead and wash your face with this and then use one of the best pore strips. You’ll get amazing results that you won’t get from just the strips alone.

Admittedly, these scrubbies are a little….humble-looking. But who cares when it gets the job done?

Kyoku for Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub

Kyoku For Men Exfoliating Facial Scrub | Kyoku For Men Face Scrub, A Gentle Acne Treatment For Men...
  • This Kyoku for men’s face scrub- tones, nourishes and exfoliates men’s skin to...
  • This skin care for men is infused with vitamin A and E to balance out the skin’s PH...
  • Our Kyoku for men’s exfoliating face scrub is a powerful acne treatment for men, it...

This one’s for the guys!

…And the ladies. Sure, this brand is marketed for men. We don’t care – it works. It’s one of the best blackhead scrubs around and you can even get it as a “gift” for your boyfriend and use it 🙂

The ingredients in this scrub are amazing – not just for getting rid of blackheads, but for preventing them. It uses mother nature’s best stuff like volcanic ash (deep, deeply cleansing), rice bran and adzuki bean powder to gently detoxify your pores and leave you with softer, clearer skin.

But in addition to natural ingredients, this blackhead scrub also contains some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants you’ll find in a facial scrub and combines them with potent blackhead-banishing salicylic acid – which, as you know, decreases excess oil production and promotes faster skin turnover.

Just make sure you don’t overdo it with this scrub – there’s tiny beads that serve as exfoliators even if you rub them in gently so use a light touch.

Beauty Facial Extreme Blackhead Scrub

This isn’t your average blackhead scrub – actually, it’s not even your average exfoliator.

The first thing you’ll notice about Beauty Facial Extreme’s scrub is that it just feels different. Maybe it’s because it’s a microdermabrasion scrub, but it’s very light, gentle and it exfoliates your face quickly and effectively.

Best part is that it leaves your skin looking really soft, glowy, and brand new, like you just unwrapped it. It provides damn good exfoliation, but we like how it goes beyond deep pore cleansing to nurture and soften the skin overall.

All in all, this one’s a great blackhead scrub that’s gentle enough for your face and strong enough for your body.

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