Top 5 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews 2020 [Buying Guide]

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews – Know Everything

Today I am going to review 5 best laser tattoo removal machine.

Are you a tattoo lover?  If yes, then there are times when you will always want to have your tattoos removed to have new ones done.  

Despite the process of getting new tattoos being that simple, it is never easy to have your old tattoos removed.

best laser tattoo removal machine

In order to successfully remove your tattoos, you will have to invest in the best laser tattoo removal machine in the market.

However, there is a wide variety of tattoo laser removal machines currently available in the market which makes it difficult for one especially a newbie to identify which machine is the best.

In this guide we will be reviewing some of the best tattoo laser machines in the market, the important factors to consider when shopping for one and some of the most frequently asked questions.

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What is a Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

The laser tattoo removal machine do use laser light to help them in removing tattoos from the skin. 

However, these machines do have different intensity and frequency levels that make them capable of removing any type of tattoo.

We do have a variety of tattoo removal machines currently available in the market. Each of these machines does have its own unique frequencies.

5 Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine Reviews

Let’s start the best lase tattoo removal machine reviews.

1. Avance SDPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

Avance SDPL Laser Hair Removal Machine Review

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Both Avance SDPL Laser and pulse light hair removal are known to have lots of roles.

They can be used on age lines, light hair follicles, dark hair follicles and age spots together with tattoo removal.

This machine has a very strong laser which is capable of removing your tattoos nicely.

Each and every pulse that has been generated by this machine does have a treatment area of 2 cm and very little pain is experienced.

A few numbers of patients can bother using the word painful when they use this machine.

It is an excellent machine when it comes to tattoo removal. However, there are particular types of tattoo ink colors which cannot be easily removed. 

In most cases, the colors will respond to Intense Pulsed Light. This machine is also in a position of removing all of them with lots of success.

The Avance SDPL Laser also comprises of an LED system status while the laser intensity can easily be adjusted with ease.


  • It is an excellent machine for general dermatology processes
  • It is a multipurpose device
  • Suitable when removing all tattoo inks


  • It is a very expensive machine especially when using it at home

2. Freckle Scar Tattoo Removal Machine Review

Freckle Scar Tattoo Removal Machine Review

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This is an excellent machine when you are planning to remove your tattoo is a jiffy. 

This machine has rapid energy and power that can break melanin which is responsible for removing the acne marks, freckles, etc together with the tattoos.

It is a top machine which you can confidently use on your legs, face, chest, hands, etc. It is also a very precise machine and works well in a desired region.

It is also very safe and comfortable although it only works in areas with LED light.

The Freckle Scar Tattoo Removal Machine is available in 9 different modes together with 4 levels where you can always select your desired settings.

It also has a compact LCD that makes it very comfortable to use even for the starters.

This machine is readily available at a cheap price in most of the online stores such as Amazon.


  • Very safe machine
  • Comes with an LED display
  • It is non surgical and fast in old tattoo treatment
  • Convenient and comfortable to use
  • Excellent for removing freckles, acne marks and tattoos


  • There are much better tattoo removal devices available at same price

3. BuWiz Picosecond Removal Machine Review

BuWiz Picosecond Removal Machine Review

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This BuWiz Picosecond tatii removal machine makes use of the electric ion carbonization technology to help in removal of any type of skin blemishes.

However, use of this technique is known to produce fewer scars.

We do have three strength settings which are available when using this tool and it can help you in removing your tattoos within a short period of time.

In case you are interested in removing the tattoos, it is important that you go for the level three since it is the most suitable one for this task.

You can also use this machine to help you in removal of skin tags by using the level 2 or use the level 1 to remove freckles and black spots.

It also comes with and LCD on the pen that makes it much easier to use since it displays the integrity performance of this machine.

This machine comes with a set of fin needles which you might use for different purposes.

Using this pen is very easily especially when it comes to tattoo removal. 

According to customer reviews, most have considered it to be among the top best laser tattoo removal machine


  • You can easily adjust it to three levels to suit your requirement
  • Has an LCD for monitoring performance integrity
  • Using it is quite easy
  • Comes with up to 5 fine needles for different skin problems


  • If not used well, it can lead to severe damage to the skin

4. Beauty Device Nevus Dark Removal Review

Beauty Device Nevus Dark Removal Review

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This device comprises of nine different modes having four levels of strength adjustment which you can use per your requirement. 

Frequency will usually be at its highest when the first level is set.

This machine also has a blue light which can be of use when removing tattoos, spots together with other types of skin blemishes. 

It is also much better to operate this machine using a protective glass.

Beauty Device Nevus Dark Removal will serve as an excellent tattoo removal tool since it dissolves the melanin into small particles thereby assisting in promoting metabolism of the skin together with reducing deposits of melanin.

The blue laser will remove any type of stuff from the skin anywhere it points effectively. It is cheap, effective, fast and convenient when it comes to tattoo removal from the skin. 

However, this product will not cause any damage to your skin hence; you can always use it without having to worry about your skin like other products in the market. 

There are satisfactory customer reviews concerning this product.


  • It is very convenient to use
  • Very affordable
  • It is great when it comes to tattoo removal
  • Does not cause any damage to the skin


  • You will have to do it more than once for the deeply inked tattoos

5. SDL80 Deluxe Laser Removal Review

SDL80 Deluxe Laser Removal Review

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Although the SDL80 Deluxe laser removal is normally marketed as a hair removal machine, it also works well when it comes to tattoo removal as it can be easily adjusted to help in removal of hair and tattoo.

This machine has a key lock feature that helps in reducing the chances of accidents just like the other machines. 

It also has three pulse levels of frequencies together with three intensity levels. 

All these levels are of great importance especially when you need to remove ink tattoos that are deep into the skin.

The machine also enables you to set different temperatures when it comes to ink removal of different colors.

It also has an excellent overall temperature that will assist you in removing all types of ink tattoos without any problem.

This product also comes with a warranty period of one year together with an additional international power adapter.


  • It is easy to use it
  • Come with a warranty period of one year
  • It has three levels of frequencies together with three levels of intensity
  • This is excellent for removal of hard tattoos
  • It has a key lock safety feature


  • It is not suitable for the dark skins
  • It lacks the lidocaine numbing agent

How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal refers to the process in which the strong lasers are made to break down the ink tattoos that are below the surface of the skin.

The immune system of the body will take over the task and starts removing the tattoo inks when they are broken down just the same way it removes any other infection from the skin.

However, this process can take a bit longer and one might be forced to attend more than one laser treatment session.

This process is similar to that of healing from serious sunburn. 

Since the tattoos are made using different colors and inks, you will be forced to change the frequencies and adjust them in regard to the type of material you are pointing the machine at.

In most cases, the light ink colors that include green and yellow are very difficult to break. The dark colors including purpose, black, blue, etc are much easier to break.

It means the highly colored tattoos will need several different laser frequencies in order to completely do away with any trace of tattoo.

What are the costs of professional vs. home treatment?

In case you are planning to do away with your body tattoo using professional method of treatment, then the cost you need to have in mind should be between 200-500 US dollars. 

However, the number of treatment will be determined by the color, size, etc of the tattoo you have.  The color of the skin will also be of great consideration.

When you have a smaller tattoo which is dark in color, you will have to carry out a few treatments.

However, when you have a big and colorful tattoo, you risk spending thousands of dollars to have it removed. 

In case you decide to remove the tattoo on your own back at home, you will be in a position to save some dollars although you will have to purchase the best laser tattoo removal machine. 

In most cases, you will spend $1000-$2500 on a top tattoo removal machine.

Majority of tattoo removal machines are only available for general public and are the same which are available in spa areas near you or at the doctor’s office.

Buying Guide for the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

In anything you buy, there are important factors you have to consider especially when it is your first time making such a purchase. 

This is the same case with when you are shopping for the best laser tattoo removal machine.

There are several varieties of machines currently available in the market.

However, for you to get the right laser tattoo removal machine, you need to consider the following factors.

Be Realistic

First, you need to know that it is not that simple to remove a tattoo from your skin since it requires lots of patience and time whenever you are removing it by yourself or have contracted someone to help you remove it.

In case you do have a small and dark tattoo, there is no need of being worried since it will get removed after some few tries.

However, when you have a colorful and light tattoo, you will have to be patient and carry out a number of tries for things to work out for you. 

It is also important that you adhere to proper guidelines when doing away with your tattoo.

Know the Type of Tattoo You Have

As it has been mentioned, different tattoos do take different durations for them to get removed depending on the color and size.

In case you have a huge, colorful and light tattoo, it will take you much more time when compared to the small and dark tattoo.

However, there are a number of deep inks which you will not be in a position of removing while at home, hence; it is advisable when you have such deep inks you save your time by going to a doctor.

Before you make any order, it is important that you also determine if you are in a position to get to the tattoo location comfortably with the machine you want to buy. 

In case you cannot get to that place, then it is advisable that you get to a doctor who will help remove the tattoo properly.

Be Aware of the Side Effects

The type of machine which you will be using to help in removing the tattoos do use laser. It is important that you are aware that there are times when laser can really be dangerous.

Since you are not a professional in removing tattoos, there are high chances that you will develop some side effects such as infections, burns or even scarring.

The scars will however heal after a few months although there are certain permanent risks of side effects. 

In case you do have a dark skin, there are high chances that you will end up with pigmentation problems. 

In such a case, it is appropriate that you take your time and read through the user manual thoroughly in order to prevent any carelessness. 

There are lots of benefits that come with understanding the user manual.

Always Exercise Patience

When carrying out the tattoo removal treatment back at home, it is important that you wait for the healing process before you embark on next treatment. 

You cannot just skip your initial treatment out since it might lead to skin damage.

Ensure you wait for a period of 6-8 weeks before your next laser treatment.  This is an excellent approach that will help you do away with your tattoos without huge possibility of damaging your skin. 

However, if you do not give your skin enough time to heal before carrying out next treatment, there are possibilities that your skin will get scars or injured.

One great benefit that comes with removing your tattoo right at home is that you will not have to make any appointment and will be saved from the hassle of traveling to the doctors place of work.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Q: How long will it take for the tattoo to be removed completely?

The time take for your tattoo to be removed do vary as it is usually determined by several other factors.  For instance, removing a tattoo will need several other treatment sessions depending on the size and color of the tattoo. 

Light colors do require more treatment than the dark colors. It will take you some time to get the tattoos removed properly since you will have to wait or your skin to heal.

Q: Does it hurt when you use laser to remove tattoos?

Yes, it hurts but not that much. Most people are known to get frightened when it comes to having their tattoos removed due to the pain they will experience.

The process of removing the tattoo will be the same amount of pain as that which you did experience when the tattoo was being put.

Q: Will removal of a tattoo leave a permanent scar?

This will depend on how well you did remove the tattoo.

In case you do not consider the side effects and go for weird methods to enable you do away with the tattoos from your skin, there are high chances you will get scars.

Scabs and blisters are the most popular side effects of removing a tattoo.


The process of buying the best laser tattoo removal machine can be confusing at times.

However, if you do follow the guidelines well, you will be in a position to get the right machine to enable you remove your tattoo. 

After purchasing your machine, you will have to be very careful and patient during the removal period.

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