Top 8 Best Tattoo Practice Skin Reviews 2020 [Buying Guide]

Best Tattoo Practice Skin Reviews For Every Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists will always have to do lots of practice for them to perfect their craft.

For one to be in a position to make tattoo on the human skin, they need to have some level of expertise which they can only get by practicing.

Human skins cannot be used as a practice platform.

Best tattoo practice skin

So where can one practice to do different tattoo designs or learn to craft the tattoo?

They need an artificial tattoo practice skin which will help them refine their art before they do the actual tattoo on the human skin.

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However, it is important that one ensures the tattoo practice skin is of high quality and that it will provide you with the real view that you are tattooing on the human skin.

We will be reviewing the best tattoo practice skin currently available in the market that can help you refine your work.

We will also help you understand some of the different tattoo practice skin types and their benefits.

What is a tattoo practice skin?

Tattoo practice skin refers to a synthetic canvas where you can exercise on before replicating the experience on a real human flesh. 

You can take it as a practice art paper where you can use for practicing before you start working on the actual human skin.

Best Tattoo Practice Skin Reviews

Let’s Dive in!

1. PFT 20 X Sheets of Medium and Large Sizes OTW-Tab1Tattoo Practice Skins

PFT 20 X Sheets of Medium and Large Sizes OTW-Tab1Tattoo Practice Skins

Coming in the first position is the PFT 20 X Sheets of Medium and Large Sizes OTW-Tab1 Tattoo Practice Skin.

One unique of this practice skin is its ability to use different sizes. This practice skin comprises of 10 large size blanks measuring 8 by 12 inches while the average size blanks at 6 by 8 inches.

 It has a thickness of 2mm and it is enough to carry out a dense pattern on it.

Its material is nothing new since it is a completely conventional synthetic silicone that can absorb ink well thereby making the images look brighter.

It has a smooth and deep line which is not dense making it an ideal practice skin.


  • The several sizes make it possible to create small and large sketches which save you on purchasing extra blanks.
  • A pure silicone that retains ink and does not allow spread of ink
  • It does create a deep and smooth line
  • Suitable for beginners since the skin does create ink of any colors and needles.


  • Since it penetrates deep into the skin, it is much lighter making it not suitable for training on the human skin

2. Blank Tattoo Skin Practice – Yuelong Double Sides Reviews

Blank Tattoo Skin Practice - Yuelong Double Sides Reviews

The Blank Tattoo Skin Practice – Yuelong Double Sides refers to a completely blank synthetic material that resembles the human skin. 

Every blank measures 8 by 6 inches which you can use for tattooing. It is a suitable practice skin for the medium and small tattoos.

 It is possible to draw twice as much since these blanks are thick and bilateral. It will be a normal practice to tattooing on both sides. 

It is also a universal practice skin for highlighting and shading tattoo outlines. You can always wrap the face around your hands and legs to enable you evaluate on the results.

It is a completely unique and important feature.

This practice sink is double sided and thick made from silicone rubber which bends and can easily be attached to any part of the body for a more practical use.


  • The blanks are very clean since they are protected from dirt and dust using a separate package
  • They do have similar texture as that of a human skin
  • It is a flexible skin hence you can bend and even draw chair on it


  • The skin usually starts peeling off when you start applying a pattern on one side
  • The skin is pushed so hard when drawing picture on one side

3. Beauty7 10 Sheets Blank Tattoo Practice Skin Reviews

Beauty7 10 Sheets Blank Tattoo Practice Skin Reviews

One thing that most people do like about the Beauty7 10 Sheets Blank Tattoo Practice Skin is that its blanks are very strong making them capable of holding the pigment.

With this, it is possible to darken and outline the contours since the paint will not spread.

In case you do feel willingness to draw on any man, be sure it will make you happy.

This skin bends very well and can easily get attached to various body parts.  

One single thick sheet measures 8 by 6 inches for the large and medium stencils.

Every sheet is made of the microbitional skin which has a tactile skin texture.

It also comes with 10 plastic sheets of leather that has high flexibility in the individual packages.


  • It is easy to clean the extra ink after drawing the picture.
  • The blanks are very universal and they do respond well to the highlighting and darkening contours.
  • It is a bit dense since bilateral use never spoil the reverse sides


  • The blanks do distort the color of the ink making the dark colors have a lighter look

4. 10 Pieces Blank Tattoo Practice Skin Sheet Review

10 Pieces Blank Tattoo Practice Skin Sheet Review

Do you love drawing or lack new practice sheets? 

Then it is necessary that you consider paying some attention to theTong Yue practice bank skin that does have an ideal thickness to use from its sides.

It is a very convenient practice skin and it is not a must you see what has been painted on its reverse side. It is advisable that one uses this skin sheet for anyone who is preparing to start tattooing on any person.

The synthetic sheets do measure 8 by 6 inches making them ideal for using stencils of any size.

It is a completely flexible material and does have defects on the human skin.

The Tong Yue has been created for the tattoo people who want to experience a completely different machine together with needle.


  • Its surface does look like that of a human skin and has all the defects and irregularities
  • Use of different triple of tattoo machine and different needles did prove that it is a completely durable material
  • It is highly flexible hence the sheets can take any shape


  • Produces a strong smell which you cannot get rid of

5. ITATOO 5pcs Thick Blank Soft Silicone Tattoo Practice Skin

ITATOO 5pcs Thick Blank Soft Silicone Tattoo Practice Skin

Do you still have doubts on the possibility of using sheets on both sides?

Then all your doubts will come to an end with the ITATOO 5pcs Thick Blank Soft Silicone Tattoo Practice Skin.

This practice skin does have a 3mm thickness which will make it possible for you to draw from any side.  

The greater thickness also proved to be important when it comes to the case strength. 

The skin is also very strong and of high quality. 

It is also possible to use any tattoo machine here since the silicone will not suffer.

In case you do draw a lot, you do not have to worry since the clearing the blank will not be that difficult.

This practice skin measures 7.5 by 5.7 inches and has a 3mm thickness. Every sheet is made of silicone which is a human skin reminiscent. 

The sheets are known to be very durable and very difficult to tear.


  • Easy to clean all the skins after using alcohol to draw
  • It is much thicker practice skin hence drawing on opposite sides do not come into contact
  • This is easy to keep a smooth clean line


  • The ink gets erased too easily
  • Several texture lines make it difficult to shade

6. Blank Tattoo Skin Practice – Yuelong 10pcs Double Sides 8×6″

Blank Tattoo Skin Practice - Yuelong 10pcs Double Sides 8x6

This blank is quite strong and can hold onto the pigment hence one can outline and darken the contours and the paint does not spread. 

The size of a single thick sheet is very standard and measures 8 by 6 inches for the large and medium stencils on every side.

Every single sheet is made using a microbitional skin which has a tactile texture type of skin.

It does come with up to 10 plastic leather sheets that are of high flexibility.

The practice skin does appear to be a little bit dense since its bilateral use does not spoil any of the reverse sides.


  • Cleaning the ink is very easy after drawing the picture
  • The blanks are completely universal and do respond well to highlighting and darkening the contours


  • The blanks do distort the color of the ink.

7. ITATOO Silicone Tattoo Practice Hand Fake Skin

ITATOO Silicone Tattoo Practice Hand Fake Skin

Only an unreal hand is capable of giving the best tattoo image on a real hand.

This is the first thinking you will have when you first see the ITATOO Silicone Tattoo Practice Hand Fake Skin.

You will be surprised by its natural appearance. The thin lines together with irregularities do resemble the texture of the hand which is very cool.

This practice skin is much wider and softer than most of the practice blank skins and among the best fake hands that can be used for tattooing.

This fake hand is more effective when it comes to training since it provides a better platform where   you can learn different characteristics of human hand.

High quality silicone has been used at the heart of this tattoo skin and it does resemble the human skin.


  • Despite being made from silicone, it does have features that are similar to the human hand
  • Texture is very flat while the drawing is firmly held on the hand hence impossible to remove it
  • The extra ink can be removed without any difficulty
  • It does work like a terrific demonstration for several work hours


  • It is difficult for the ink to remain on the hand silicone hence; one has to repeat it a number of times
  • The drawing will remain on the hand forever

8. BoChang 5 Sheets Tattoo Skin Review

BoChang 5 Sheets Tattoo Skin Review

The BoChang is widely known of being of a standard size and have a fewer number of sheets. However, its steepness does lie on another.

Its appearance is similar to the look of a human skin. It is also reminiscent of the thin lines and hollows.

Despite its five sheets not being so small, this skin does have a very large thickness and it is made of a completely strong material.

This is also considered to be an excellent practice skin for a beginner who will be making his or her first drawings using the tattoo machine.

That comes with a high quality synthetic material that comprises of a texture that looks like that of real leather. It can also be reused. 

It’s of a standard size measuring 8 by 6 inches and has five sheets. 

Its leather is very durable for any technique and can be used on both sides.


  • It has a very strong leather which can be used on both sides
  • It is possible to use it several times since one does not have to insert ink deep
  • Catching the bends of body parts is very easy
  • Its texture does have skin defects and fines lines just like that of a human skin


  • High ink intake

Types of Tattoo Practice Skin

It is never cool to practice tattooing on the usual human skin.

The evolution of simulators for the tattoo artists has gone a notch higher and to get a beautiful tattoo, you do not have to kill any person. 

We did divide the practice skin types into two.

Practice blank

This is the first practice skin type that uses a familiar synthetic material piece. It can be silicone or latex which does resemble the human skin in texture.

In the past, based on such plastic and leather lay rubber pieces, such types of materials used to be very useless especially on people who were interested in getting a great tattoo artist.

The synthetic practice skin pieces do react to the interaction with needles that draw a pattern.  However, the ink is not inferable in such a case. 

This practice skin type is available in different shapes and sizes.

It is always possible to select any that is suitable for any planned drawing realization.

We also have instances in several layers with the Velcro. All these adaptations are important since it makes it possible for one to put a place a piece on the leg or arm of an individual.

You can always try drawing on an individual studying all the bends and subtleties.

It is also possible to test or train a drawing on a new tattoo machine. This material will survive all.

However, the cost of such type of practice skin is usually low.

In most cases, the price will go for up to $10 although the silicone linens are cheaper when compared to their latex brothers and are excellent for the beginners.

Body’s part

The second type of practice skin type which is ecologically okay is the body parts which is made of silicone and resembles human body parts like the chest, leg, face, hands, etc.

However, some people do take it as a perverted idea.

Drawing a picture on an imitated body part will tell what type of transitions and bends the human body is made up of.

It is possible to practice drawing on an ankle or brush.

There is a wide choice of the body parts to use.

Benefits of Using Tattoo Practice Skin

We do have several benefits that come with using the tattoo practice skin. However, we will only be looking at some of the main advantages.

Below are some of the benefits that come with using the tattoo practice skin.

  • The use of tattoo practice skin has made it possible for the beginner tattoo artist to make use of an environmentally friendly tattoo practice skin which is not the result of all the torture stages.
  • The tattoo practice skin also has a great opportunity when it comes to large scale training before one considers carrying out tattoo drawing on the real human skin.
  • Any potential customer will be able to first see the figure and design and how it will appear on their skin as they do act as a portfolio.
  • With the human practice skin, it is possible for one to first draw a sketch on the fake skin and show it to the customer. They will be able to recommend any modifications before you embark in working on their real skin.
  • When coming up with a new drawing, any tattoo artist is capable of closing in on several ideas.  However, when you put ideas on a face skin tattoo, you will be in a position of getting more creativity freedom and that is how your idea will look.
  • It is possible to use any type of needles together with any settings and the master will not have to worry about the result.

Buying Guide for the Best Tattoo Practice Skin

Are you a beginner and shopping for the best tattoo practice skin that will make it possible for you to get started in the tattooing industry? 

We do have lots of types currently available in the market which makes it not only confusing but also difficult for a beginner to identify which tattoo practice skin suits him or her best.

In this guide, we will help you know some of the important things you need to consider when shopping for the best tattoo practice skin in the market.

The Type of Material to Choose

As you might already be aware, the future tattoo master does have the opportunity of purchasing silicone or latex fake skin.

All these materials do have some similarities in them.

However, it is important to note that the latex skin does have a more realistic reaction and appearance.

Silicone is also much thicker when compared to latex and it does have a completely difficult surface.

The human skin is also much softer when compared to the silicone practice skin.

Latex does have a completely higher price making it not suitable for a start who wants to develop his or her tattooing skill.

What Size do I require?

You will not be limited to anything regarding the size you need. Always go for a tattoo practice skin of any size that will be suitable for your desired sketch. 

You do not have to worry since the market does offer a large selection of tattoo practice skin in different sizes.

However, it is advisable that any person goes for a tattoo practice skin that is of more size than the template of the sketch. It will offer you lots of room for the stencil transfer.

Body or Blank part

It will be difficult for any beginner to make a choice since the main stumbling block will be the price. 

The tattoo practice skin blank is several times much cheaper when compared to the body’s part.  

The fake practice skin just like a body organ does present the master with much more opportunities for further and extensive training.

It is possible to make a drawing by studying all the human body features without using a human skin. 

However, since you are still a beginner, it will not be of great help at first.

Which are the top Tattoo Practice Skin Brands in the Market?

Below are the top tattoo practice skin brands currently available in the market.


In case we can forget on how it is difficult to fix stencil on products from ITATTOO brand, then the ITattoo is just but an excellent brand. 

You will be pleased by its features when it comes to tattooing. ITattoo is widely known for creating important and efficient training products for the future tattoo artists.

This brand also knows that their main focus needs to be diverted to the texture making it as natural as possible.

They are known to have some of the best fake hands for practicing tattooing for the novice people.


The Yuelong are known to be similar in a number of ways when we consider what the ITattoo does.

Majority of their products are known to have a set of many silicone thick blanks.

They do have thick sheets which people can use on both sides and they are known to be very economical.

Processing the Yuelong products is very easy. However, they are very difficult to bend


Beauty7 refers to a brand that produces top and high quality products. The major part of the products does represent the blank practice tattoo skin.

Every sheet does have a flexible and clean surface. Its quality never deteriorates even when you paint each of the sides.

You can also erase the ink whenever needs be.  This brand will satisfy all the needs any tattoo artist would be in need of.

Tong Yue

In case the color preservation and the ink issue are the most essential things for you, then the Tong Yue brand should be your preferred choice.

Getting another blank practice skin brand which will help in keeping the color as cool as this Tong Yue does is pretty difficult.

The ink never merges but instead they do enter the skin thickness without color change which is great.

Got Hobby

This is not a very popular brand although it does deliver a fake skin having steep stencils.

It is considered to be among the best and it is also ideal for people who are just getting into tattooing and are also interested in working with the tattoo stencils.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Tattoo Practice Skin

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions concerning the best tattoo practice skin.

Q: What makes the tattoo practice skin?

Ans: There are different tattoo practice skin brands which use different synthetic materials to help in creating the practice skins.

Majority of them are known to prefer using latex and silicone. However, there are times when we can get a fake practice skin made from silica gel.

There are times when a natural material can be used that does not cause harm to human beings. However, the most important thing is that it does have a texture which is similar to that of the human skin.

Q: How does one prepare a tattoo practice skin?

Ans: You will first have to be sure that the size of the tattoo practice skin you selected matches the stencil. In case there are problems at this stage, then you will either have to cut the excess part or take a new piece.

Most of the tattoo artists are known to prefer using petroleum jelly on the fake skin surface so that the ink is not that dull or it does not drain.

Q: How do I use Tattoo practice skin?

Ans: Ensure that you have correctly set up the machine before you start. That is ensuring the ink and the needles are installed into the machine.

Thereafter, you can check some of the needles to be sure that they will produce a desirable result. You need to be ready for a much darker color when using a fake practice tattoo skin.

Q: How does one clean a tattoo practice skin?

Ans: Returning a used tattoo skin to its original form is impossible. It does explain its low price.

However, there are a number of important tattoo masters who still get a way out of the situation and opt on using alcohol to help in doing away with paint or lemon juice.

Q: How can I remove the tattoo ink from the practice skin?

Ans: Using Vaseline is one of the best ways you can always make use of to help you do away with the tattoo ink from your practice skin. It is also possible to remove excess ink using lemon oil which you can buy from any store.


For sure, the practice tattoo skin is excellent simulators which will help any beginner develop great tattooing skills. 

You will never lose when using a fake skin.

However, you need to avoid practicing on flat surfaces especially when you want to do a pattern on the skin. Always go for curved surfaces.

It is also advisable you keep in mind the shortcomings of the skin and avoid going for a fake smooth skin which can be of a great disservice to you.

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