Top 7 Best Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews 2020 [Buying Guide]

Best Tattoo Removal Cream Reviews: Remove Tattoo Permanently

Today I am going to review on best tattoo removal cream.

There are times when we do make permanent decisions on a temporary basis. 

Have you ever tattooed someone’s names or initials on any of your body parts but you now need to remove it?

Maybe it was the moment’s spur that made you have a particular tattoo on your body. 

best tattoo removal cream

In case you need to do away with a particular tattoo, you do not have to worry as there are a number of tattoo removal creams you make good use of in the market today.

However, despite the availability of such creams, safety is still an important issue which you need to prioritize. 

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There are a number of creams currently available in the market today which are not effective and do not have FDA approval.

It is therefore important that you are well aware of the important creams which are effective when it comes to removing tattoos on your body.

In this guide, we will be looking at some of the best tattoo removal creams together with important factors to consider when shopping for one.

Pros and Cons of Using a Tattoo Removal Cream


  • Many people do use different brands of tattoo removal creams to help in erasing their tattoos.
  • Most people are known to prefer using tattoo removal creams as they are very easy to use.
  • Almost every person can easily get the cream from their nearby stores or online shops. 
  • They are also not that expensive and one will not have to make a huge investment in order to get a quality and effective product.
  • They are also known to have very few side effects especially when you get the right cream and use it as prescribed.


  • There are times when the tattoo removal creams might be unable to completely erase the tattoos. 
  • Even if they do, they do respond very slowly and they are never of great benefit to individuals who are in need of fast results. 
  • One needs to be very patient when using tattoo removal creams.
  • If not used well, they are most likely to have serious side effects on an individual’s skin.

Reviews of Best Tattoo Removal Creams

Let’s start!

1. Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System Review (Best Numbing Cream for Tattoo Removal)

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System Review

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Despite having not so appealing look, this cream is known to work perfectly on all the tattoos.  

In case you have a tattoo place in some weird positions like chest, tummy, groin, etc. the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System will work wonders for you.

This cream has been made using non-corrosive ingredients which means you will never have to endure any type of discomfort that has been brought along by the use of this cream that is well known for the removal of tattoos.

This cream also comes with an applicator which is part of it. With this cream, it is possible for one to easily make applications in areas that are not easily reachable like the armpits and groin.

Its applicator does have an erosion head that makes it easy for the cream to penetrate the skin ensuring the best results. 

You can always charge or change their batteries whenever they are out of power.

Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System comprises up to three sets of products that are used to ensure the best results.

They are the concealer butter, gel, and the hydra ascent cream.

The gel is used to help in fading the tattoo.


  • It is an excellent buffer for laser removal
  • Rejuvenates and smoothes your skin
  • It is pain-free and offers real results
  • It is lightweight and waterproof


  • The bottle is too small
  • It is a bit expensive
  • Best used as a buffer

2. Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System (Top Tattoo Removal Cream)

Top Tattoo Removal Cream

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The Tat B Gone Tattoo Removal System comprises of a three-step procedure. There is activation, infusing, and fading cream. 

For the system to work well, you must use all the tubs that come with the kit. 

First, you will have to clean the tattooed area so that the creams can penetrate the skin.

Thereafter, you need to apply the tattoo removal cream over the area affected and massage it allowing for deep penetration. 

Lastly, use a protective cream which will make it possible for your skin to remain healthy after you are done with the treatment procedure.

Most people do prefer using this system as it does not come with any pain. This product will, however, respond differently to different types of tattoos. 

The size of the mark and the ink color are some of the main factors which you have to put in mind when coming up with a treatment plan. 

This cream does work on designs with the light ink as opposed to those having dark ink.


  • It is a very effective system
  • It is easy to use
  • You are guaranteed to successfully remove the tattoos


  • It takes some time for it to work

3. Inked Up Tattoo Cream Review (Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream)

Permanent Tattoo Removal Cream

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Inked up Tattoo Cream is described by its manufacturers as a very fast working tattoo removal cream. 

It is one of the best tattoo removal creams currently available in the market.

The cream promises to produce excellent results that you will never think of carrying out anything drastic as laser surgery.

There are numbers of clinical evidence behind its capabilities too. It usually gets absorbed into the skin very fast and never blocks the skin pores.

It is also a very safe cream as it has been made using harmless natural compounds.

This cream has been made using natural and safe compounds making it friendly to the skin.

This cream has also been subjected to several tests to ensure that it does meet safety standards.

It is well designed to help in removing ink together with other cosmetic markings on the body’s skin.

Together with some creams, the main goal is to fade the skin together with the tattoo ink which can lead to undesired side effects.

Despite being a great and safe tattoo removal cream, there are chances it will not deliver the desired results on some of the users.


  • Removes the permanent inks
  • It is a safe and natural ingredient
  • Has been clinically proven to be a safe standard


  • It never generates the results one desired

4. Profade Tattoo Removal Cream Review

Profade Tattoo Removal Cream Review

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When using the Profade Tattoo Removal Cream, you can achieve your best results by using three phases.

This cream is also considered to be among the best options currently available in the market as it offers to produce permanent results.

It is also among the top tattoo removal creams which will work on both the black and colored tattoos.

Most of these creams users will be very lucky to invest in this cream since it is not abrasive or irritating to the body’s skin.

It is a very easy cream on the skin as it does not cause abrasion or irritation which comes with using other types of tattoo removal creams.

This cream will produce permanent results to all tattoo types making it a better alternative to other expensive types in the market.

However, the ability of this cream in removing tattoos can be somehow underwhelming for some users forcing one to seek other tattoo removal options.


  • It is an effective yet cheap tattoo removal cream
  • It comprises of natural ingredients
  • One will be able to note results within two weeks
  • Leaves no scar or pain on the skin


  • It only works on certain skins

5. Doctor Drawing Semi-Permanent Removal Cream

Doctor Drawing Semi-Permanent Removal Cream

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This is one of the most popular tattoo removal creams in the market.

It has been made using safe and top quality ingredients which makes it stands out from a number of other tattoo removal creams in the market which are only about power.

One great thing that most people who are interested in erasing their tattoo prefers this cream is its balance between usability, comfortability, and strength.

Doctor Drawing Semi-Permanent Removal Cream’s final effect on the skin is the tattoo ink being removed permanently without causing any irritation to the skin.

However, it is advisable that you be aware that the Doctor Drawing Semi-Permanent Removal Cream is not a great cream when it comes to the removal of large-sized tattoos.

This product has also been tested and proved not to cause skin irritation and it is also one of the safest tattoo removal creams for sensitive body parts.


  • It contains high-quality ingredients
  • Does not cause any irritation
  • It is ideal for cosmetic tattoos


  • It is not that effective when it comes to the removal of large tattoos

6. Profade Tattoo Removal System

Profade Tattoo Removal System

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This is a very popular tattoo removal system that helps in erasing tattoos over time. It is cost-effective, gentle, and natural. 

This is the main reason why most people in need of doing away with their tattoos prefer using it.

This product works in three stages.

The first stage is the preparation phase. Inside the tube number 1 is a cream that will help in preparing the skin for the removal procedure.

The second stage is the activation stage. This cream will activate the tattoo ink and starts the process of removing it.

The final stage is the elimination stage where the entire tattoo proof will be removed.

Having a partial Amazon 20% five-star rating, Profade Tattoo Removal System seems to have been of great help to some people in ensuring that they do get the desired result.

It is important to note that all three stages do have three different creams created for each stage.


  • It is affordable
  • There are no side effects
  • It is natural and effective
  • One will note results within two weeks of use


  • It is very slow and not good for people who have not time
  • Might not be that effective

7. 100% TCA Skin Peel Kit Review (Best Tattoo Removal Cream)

100% TCA Skin Peel Kit Review

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100% TCA Skin Peel Kit tops our list of the best tattoo removal creams currently available in the market. 

This cream has been certified to be used for medical purposes hence; can be used in treating other medical conditions that also affect the skin.

This cream is concentrated meaning that one has to dilute it before they use it on the skin.

Most people are said to prefer using the 100% TCA Skin Peel Kit since you can always water it down to suit any type of skin.

It is available in a 30 ml bottle meaning that one has to work more after diluting it.

Apart from removing the tattoos, this liquid can also be used in removing various growths in the skin like warts, moles, and treat wrinkles, fine lines, and acne issues.

It is highly recommended that you first consult the supplier on how best you can use it before you start using it.

However, this cream has been made using acidic ingredients that can easily affect the skin of the user.

Always be ready to experience come uncomfortable effects that come with using any type of chemical-based tattoo removal product.


  • Can also be used in treating other skin conditions
  • Can be used in removing several skin growths
  • Effectively removes the tattoos


  • It is highly concentrated
  • Made using acidic ingredients that can affect the user’s skin

Buying Guide for the Best Tattoo Removal Cream

Tattoo removal creams have become as popular as tattoos. These creams help people who did place tattoo in any of their body parts to erase it.

However, the process of choosing the best tattoo removal cream in the market has been made difficult by the availability of several types in the market.

To help you purchase a tattoo removal cream that will effectively work in erasing the tattoo on your body skin, it is important that you consider the factors below:


There are two main ingredients that are always available in any top tattoo removal cream. There is the Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) and Hydroquinone.

1. Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)

The Trichloroacetic Acid is one of the most active and popular ingredients found in any top tattoo removal cream.

This ingredient is a chemical that is acidic in nature and capable of peeling off your body’s skin.

It does allow your body to develop new skin taking the place of the former skin which has been peeled off.

All the creams that contain TCA are usually used before any individual goes through any procedure of removing a laser tattoo.

It is advisable that you always check on the availability of this ingredient and measure its presence in any cream you are about to purchase.

2. Hydroquinone

Most of the tattoo removal creams which contain Hydroquinone are very popular and it is advisable that you always watch out for this ingredient when shopping for the best tattoo removal cream.

Despite being considered as alternatives to those that contain TCA, they are equally effective in fading spots and freckles. 

They do lead in the production of light pigmentation which will, in turn, affect the tattoos making them fade away.

Natural Ingredients

There are products that are known to make good use of natural ingredients so that they can achieve the desired effect. 

They are known to perform this procedure to help them avoid using chemicals.

However, there are creams that use ascorbic acid to help them in avoiding using Hydroquinone.

Regulation of Active Ingredient

It is important that you first ensure that the tattoo removal cream you are about to purchase is approved by the FDA.

Being approved by FDA is a sign of assurance that it is very effective and safe.


Price is an important factor that you need to consider when buying a tattoo removal cream.

You will not be using the cream on a daily basis hence, it is important that you check on the amount you are willing to spend.   

Different tattoo removal creams do cost different prices which are influenced by their effectiveness and features.

Type of Tattoo

Not all tattoo removal creams can work on all types of tattoos.

Before you purchase any tattoo removal cream, ensure that you are aware of what type of tattoo you want to erase and that the cream is capable of erasing that tattoo.

No one would be interested in wasting his or her money in a tattoo removal cream that will not erase the tattoo he or she intends to do away with.


As you already know, there are creams that can have harmful effects on your skin. Ensure you are aware of what might happen after using a particular cream. 

Do not invest in a cream that will have serious health concerns on your body’s skin.

In case you are not sure, you can always check with your doctor or dermatologist if a particular tattoo removal cream does have serious after use health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Tattoo Removal Cream

Does a Tattoo removal cream hurt?

 All the products we have reviewed were tested before they were brought onto the market.  There is a possibility that you might experience some numbing or tingling upon application.

There are some active ingredients contained in a tattoo removal cream that can make your skin have a cool feeling before, during or after the treatment.

When using the products listed above, you should not feel any discomfort or pain.

Does a tattoo removal cream work on dark skins?

Yes, they will. The majority of the tattoo removal creams are effective and strong when it comes to the removal of tattoos on the darker skin tones. All you have to do is steer clear of the TCA and all will be well.

Why would one want to remove the tattoos?

Most people do change their minds after getting a tattoo. A good number of tattoo lovers are known to erase their tattoos just to make room for the new ones.

Hydration and elasticity of the skin decrease with age, hence; the tattoo might not have the same look as it had some five years back.

How many applications will one have to take before the tattoos are completely erased?

In most cases, the number of applications will be determined by type of cream and potency of the active ingredients. Ensure you take your time and read through the labels and be patient for them to work.

Will there be a scar in the shape of the tattoo?

No scars should be thereafter using the tattoo removal cream. What might happen is just the lightening of the skin tone. The tattoo will lighten or slowly fade away.

Will the skin peel or scab?

There are high chances that scarring will not occur when you use a tattoo removal cream. You might be interested in keeping the affected area from heat exposure or sun and away from laser treatment.  In case your skin swell or blister, do contact a dermatologist immediately.


Most of the tattoo removal creams do take a longer period for them to be effective. 

In case you have settled on a particular tattoo removal cream to help you in erasing your tattoos, then it is important that you be patient to enable you get a fruitful result.

We have reviewed some of the most effective tattoo removal creams currently available in the market. Feel free to choose any of them.

In case you are still confused on which tattoo removal cream you should use, feel free to consult a dermatologist or tattoo artists. 

In case you have any suggestions or questions, kindly feel free to contact us.

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