Clean and Clear Review

cleanandclear-matr-7525917It’s hard to find your way through the myriad of acne treatment products available today, but Clean and Clear is an interesting product at first glance. You don’t want to throw more money at a problem you’ve probably tried to solve with multiple products already.

The Texture of Clean and Clear Advantage

Rated 4 of 5 stars by users, the texture may seem different to you at first. It feels greasy when you first touch it, but after you rub your fingers together, you’ll see that it will set nicely into your skin, with no greasy feel remaining. It also won’t leave your skin looking shiny. The product is light in weight and doesn’t weigh down your skin.

The Results of Clean and Clear Advantage

Rated 4 of 5 stars by users, the product won’t dry out the skin on your face, or cause breakouts. You may not notice it immediately, but within several weeks you’ll see that you don’t have any of those specific breakouts than can actually be caused by acne products.  You may notice minimal breakthrough zits, but the average is lower compared to some other products.

Clean and Clear does not work especially well for severe acne. But for mild to moderate cases, it will soften the skin and help in preventing acne, and the light texture gives you silky skin. It rinses easily and the smell is pleasant.

If you have used products that were too strong in the past, those that caused blotchy patches, Clean and Clear may work well for you. You can use it in small amounts, which makes it economical.

What if You Have Moderate Acne?

If you have persistent breakouts, Clean and Clear can help in clearing up your skin. You’ll notice the results within a few weeks. The ingredients are helpful in curing acne.

What Products does Clean and Clear Offer?

The Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit
This product has a price that is competitive with other products, and cheaper than some. If you have sensitive skin, this may not be the ideal product for you, since it does utilize ingredients to clear up acne that can irritate your skin. It sometimes doesn’t pack the punch to get rid of all the redness, and you may notice new whiteheads breaking out after you use the harsh ingredients.

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
This product works to zap individual zits, but it utilizes alcohol, which can tend to cause your skin to dry out. This product will kill the acne on your skin surface, but when it dries your skin, other bacteria may be trapped inside the pores.

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser
This cleanser contains useful salicylic acid, along with other ingredients that help in neutralizing it. It would be more practical had the acid been maintained at the level of pH that would help in breaking up hardened oil in your clogged pores. Sodium olefin sulfonate is an active cleanser, but it can even dry out oily skin, which may trap oil in your pores.

Clean and Clear Advantage Invisible Acne Patch
This product actually is based on a sound idea, to quickly zap sits on oily skin. The patches contain a small amount of salicylic acid, which helps in stopping inflammation; It can even work overnight to remove skin redness. The issue is that the patch also has cinnamon oil in it, and this may cause its own redness in your skin.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub
This product is possibly the best performer of the line. It would work better on non-sensitive skin types if it didn’t contain menthol, since that may cause irritation and redness for people of various skin types.

The exfoliants in salicylic acid work well to clear acne, but the product also contains alkali in its soap. This cancels out some of the effectiveness of the astringent. The high pH levels may also neutralize the astringent, and the alcohol can cause your skin to dry out.

Clean and Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Cleanser
This product claims to give your skin oxygen, but it actually doesn’t deliver on the promise. It does contain menthol, which will leave your facial skin tingly and clean. But the menthol can also cause skin redness and irritation in your pores, and trap bacteria even if you don’t have excessive oils present.

Clean and Clear Soft Purifying Cleanser
This purifying cleanser works better than many of the other products in the line. It has alpha-hydroxy acids to help in exfoliating dry skin, which opens tight pores. It also includes salicylic acid to open pores, even in oily skin. This cleanser is safe for teens and adults alike, and there aren’t any ingredients that might harm your skin.

Clean and Clear Soft Oil-Free Day Moisturizer with SPF 15
This moisturizer won’t feel oily when you apply it to your skin, and it won’t leave your skin shiny. It contains antioxidants for healthy skin and avobenzone, which protects your skin from UV-A rays, which can cause your skin harm.

Clean and Clear Soft Oil-Free Night Moisturizer
This moisturizer works without oil, so it’s quite suitable for oily or normal skin. One of its ingredients is glycolic acid, which aids in removing dead skin, opening your pores and evening out skin texture. This is actually one product that works quite well.

What Ingredient in Clean and Clear Works on Acne?

These inexpensive products include strong benzoyl peroxide as the main effective ingredient. This works well in clearing zits, but the products also contain perfumes and fragrances that tend to irritate your skin, if it’s sensitive. Some of the products are more effective than others.

In summary

Clean and Clear products are less expensive than many others on the market, but they do not perform to the standards of most products in the class. They contain menthol and alcohol, along with other ingredients that many cause your skin to become irritated.

Clean and Clear products don’t offer you sun protection over the broad spectrum. The SPF 15 in the day moisturizer is not high enough to be generally regarded as effective. In short, these products are some of the least effective you can buy for fighting your acne.

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