Coconut Oil for Wrinkles

The Universal Coconut – Nut or Fruit?

Nut may be in its name, but the coconut is far from being one. The coconut is loosely classified as a drupe: a fleshy fruit with a central stone or seed. And the entire coconut; fruit, or nut, or however you’d like to classify it, is useful in so many ways. The coconut is a fibrous tropical delight. Named coco in the 16th century from the Portuguese word, coco, the coconut is a seed, a nut and a fruit! Its Latin name, nucifera, means nut-bearing. Cracking open and getting into the tender part of the nucifera takes patience and strength. The outer husk, is hard as rock, and ranges between 2-6 inches thick. The husk is commonly ground, charred and used in filtration systems and for alcohol distillation. 

Once inside the “nut,” the coveted water, or coconut milk, is intensely sweet nourishing and very hydrating. The water does wonders for the skin. Coconut water has become a global beverage phenomenon. Dried coconut flesh is commonly used in soaps and cosmetics. But it’s the meaty, white flesh, the “fruit,” popular in candy bars, and for cooking and baking that produces a rich oil. And coconut oil provides amazing results on the skin, and works as a powerhouse in the fight against wrinkles.

Mighty Mighty Coconut Oil

At every turn, coconut oil is hailed for its amazing uses. But it also has its detractors and critics. Coconut oil has become a popular staple in the kitchen for cooking. From massage to skin care; from fat burner to appetite curbing, and strengthening the immune system, the coconut milk and fruit are called out as health and beauty boosters. Coconut oil has even been mentioned as a precursor to helping with heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Can this wonder oil really do all of these incredible things? 

Nutritionists are on the fence about ingesting coconut oil as a part of a healthy diet. Many scientists agree, since laboratory tests indicate differing results on the efficacy of coconut oil due to its high concentration of saturated fat. The jars of coconut oil found on the grocery store shelves are rich in saturated fat. Many consumers find these brands too greasy as a skin care treatment. At almost 92% saturated – more than butter – coconut oil is firm, dense, opaque and shelf-stable. Oils high in saturated fat aren’t recommended as a regular part of a healthy diet. Coconut oil’s saturated fat could potentially raise bad LDL cholesterol levels. However, a study in 2016 claims coconut oil shows no significant increase or decrease in cholesterol levels.  

400;”>Coconut oil is trending as one of the hottest cooking ingredients. Many food manufacturers have jumped on the coconut oil bandwagon. The solution when cooking is: use coconut oil sparingly. But, what about skin care? Is it safe to use on face and body? 

Amazing Benefits for the Skin

Rich and robust in texture, coconut oil is extracted from the white fruity flesh of a fresh coconut. That oil is pure fat. The oil is incredibly beneficial to the largest organ on the human body: the skin. Coconut oil has many antioxidant properties. The skin drinks it in. As the coconut oil is absorbed into the skin, it stabilizes the free radicals; the unstable molecules that can cause damage to the cells in and on the surface of the body. Consider moving the coconut oil out of the kitchen pantry and work it permanently into a skin care routine. Take a look at how coconut oil will perform as a wrinkle fighter. With excellent results! 

Unavoidable Wrinkles

Whether genetics, aging or sun exposure are causing furrows and fine lines around the mouth and eyes, the truth is, wrinkles are inevitable. We look in the mirror, pulling and tugging the skin around our eyes and mouth, imagining a face that is wrinkle-free. The cosmetic industry spends millions of dollars inventing and marketing wrinkle creams. Between 2016-2021 US consumers will spend $217 billion on wrinkle-fighting formulas. But, these products contain scientific ingredients that are hard to say, let alone comprehend. Injections hurt, are costly and can leave the face puffy. If a natural, organic approach; one that requires a single product at a fraction of cost is attractive, look to pure coconut oil to apply around the eyes, mouth, elbow, knees, and any other part of the body where wrinkles have staked a claim.

How it Works

Packed full of anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil offers protective skin barriers and functions as a powerhouse assistant to keep skin hydrated and moisturized. Coconuts contain Lauric acid. Acting as a healthy saturated fat for the skin, it is easily absorbed into the body. Lauric acid is high in Vitamins E & K which deliver a high concentration of nutrients to the skin. Vitamin K helps to smooth fine lines, and Vitamin E, protects skin from UV damage and free radicals, just like coconut oil! As the coconut oil is applied to the wrinkles and face, it absorbs to form a protective layer that keeps harmful environmental substances from entering the skin. 

At the same time, skin stays supple and hydrated, as the coconut oil “prevents excessive water loss,” offering sensitive skin cells, around the eyes and mouth, prone to wrinkles, the ultimate hydration. This perfect combination protects wrinkles and keeps new ones from forming. To recalibrate the skin, wash and use coconut oil, without any other skin care products. Before starting any skin care treatments, see a doctor or dermatologist.

Put Pure Coconut Oil to the Test

Here’s a foolproof recipe for a coconut oil wrinkle treatment:

  1. Cleanse the face thoroughly
  2. Pat skin dry
  3. Place 2 drops of pure coconut oil on 2 fingertips
  4. Gently tap oil onto skin, around eyes and mouth
  5. Work in a circular motion until face is evenly covered
  6. Go to work or go to bed – Twice a day is okay!

Currently, there isn’t enough clinical evidence to call out coconut oil as a skin irritant or that it causes severe side effects. Even when applied to the face as an overnight treatment. Avoid getting coconut oil in the eyes.  If coconut oil causes a rash or if sudden irritation persists after application, wash the face immediately and stop using coconut oil, then see a doctor. 

When purchasing a pure coconut oil for a skin care routine, here are some things to remember:

  • Does the label on the jar state the oil is safe and formulated for skin and hair? 
  • Is the product 100% pure and cold pressed? 
  • Avoid heat pressed oils. This process removes the good properties in the oil, and won’t be as effective.
  • Avoid putting additives and artificial ingredients on the skin. These can cause irritations and allergy flare ups. 

Products Worth Checking Out

Looking for a wrinkle fighter product packed with pure coconut oil? Here are some popular choices with amazing “wrinkle-erasing” benefits! Products are available in a stick to take on the go, specially formulated with environmentally friendly and in 12 oz. Mason jars! Keep a jar on the vanity as part of the daily skin care routine, there is a pure coconut oil product for everyone. Check out these favorite brands!

  • Yes! To Coconuts Moisturizing Coconut Oil Stick A beauty award winner and lots of 5 star reviews. Keep this product tucked away for a quick on-the-go treatment day or night. The stick does the application and keeps fingers from getting greasy.
  • OCO: Only Coconut Oil This raw and unrefined organic beauty product is 100% pure coconut oil. Even certified nutritionists recommend OCO for the skin! Works great as a pre-shave treatment too!
  • Kapaluan This powerhouse comes in three formulas and sizes and offers membership discounts. 
  • Kopari Coconut Melt For babies, baby bump stretch marks, men, women, hair and face, Kopari claims their product is “so pure it’s absurd!” Try a lip balm, face mask or a jar.
  • Pure Formulas Organics Cold-pressed, unrefined 100% purity in a jar.

Clearly, 100% pure coconut oil does the trick on wrinkles. A clean, one product skin treatment offering the perfect skin improving properties and free-radical fighters. Overtime, using coconut oil to fight wrinkles; combats dryness, retains hydration and adds important vitamins to the tender wrinkle-prone areas around the mouth and eyes. Reap the benefits of the oil harvested from the tropical drupe known fondly as the coconut!

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