Common Questions When Starting a New Skin Care Routine

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Starting a new skincare routine can be overwhelming for a few reasons but mostly you may just not know where to start or what questions to ask.  If you have had a skincare routine for a long time but are ready to change things up, you may not need to ask all of these questions.  You may already know the answers.  However, you may be starting a skincare routine for the first time.

Common questions that you should ask when starting a new skincare routine will help you narrow down what is important, what is true, and what you can disregard.  No one will be able to do everything that is recommended and that is okay.  Your skin doesn’t need everything that is on the market.

We have a good list of questions for you, but for those that are really at the beginning of their skincare journey, we have a few extras.  Maybe you don’t even know what skincare is or why you should even care.  It is also to know what to know before you even start looking for a skincare routine.  We are ready to dive in and hope you are too!

What Does Skin Care Mean?

One of the most important things to clarify when starting a skincare routine to what skincare actually is and what it means.  What we mean by skincare is much how it sounds.  It is caring for your skin, which is actually your body’s biggest organ.  It deserves our best efforts when it comes to keeping it healthy.

There isn’t really one right way to care for your skin. Maybe you are a minimalist and you only want to wash your face and moisturizer or in other words, keep it really basic.  Maybe you are the type of person that will line your bathroom counter with products.

Your skincare routine is going to be what works best for you and your skin type. As long as you are maintaining your skin and keeping it healthy then you are engaging in skincare.

Why Should I Care?

With your skin being your body’s largest organ it is also the most visible organ so caring for your skin is a lifelong endeavor.  No one wants to end up with a ton of fine lines and wrinkles on their face or skin damage from improper care and exposure to the sun.  Those are some basic reasons for caring.

However, if you are someone that has trouble skin or acne issues then you will definitely need to care are what your skincare routine is. Not properly care for skin that suffers from psoriasis, acne, or any other issues will leave you with scars and redness that may become permanent.

Questions You Should Ask

Now on to the questions that you really should ask when you start a new skincare routine.  You may know the answers to some of these questions and you may not even know that you are supposed to ask them.  No problem either way because that is what we are here for.

The answers to these questions will be important when you are trying to maintain your skincare routine.  They will help you to not get discouraged, to be okay trying something new because the first thing wasn’t working, and they will empower you by really know how to care for your skin.

What is Right for My Skin?

The first question you really need to ask is what is right for your skin.  You never want to go into a skincare routine doing what is right for your best friend’s skin.  That probably won’t work for you.  Even if they swear that it is the most amazing routine it is likely that you don’t have the same skin type.

For example, if your friend has dry skin and you have oily skin then she probably uses a lot of moisturizers.  If you did that then you would have some major breakouts from clogged pores.  Not to mention extremely oily skin.  Oily skin does need a moisturizer but not on the same level as the dry skin type.

It is important to embrace your skin type and know what is best for it.  Which brings us to our next point.

Know Your Skin Type

You must know your skin type.  Looking in the mirror will probably tell you or think back on all of your skin complaints to make a pretty educated guess.  If you have any doubts then you really need to see a dermatologist or skincare professional to find out before you start a new routine.

Knowing this one thing about your skin will help you avoid a lot of mistakes and regrets when it comes to how you care for your skin. Because there are actually certain cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that are good for each skin type there is no way to overstate how important this is.

How Do I Know if It Is Working?

We don’t know about you but sometimes we get discouraged with a new routine because we can’t see that it is working.  And sometimes our faces actually look worse in the beginning.  So how do you know that a new skincare routine is working or if you need to change it?

There is a general rule about this and it revolves around the natural renewal of your skin. Your skin actually renews and repairs itself every 30 days or so depending on your age.  Because of this you really need to use a product for at least 45 days before you know if it is actually working.  However, if you do see any signs of an allergic reaction or don’t like the smell of the product then stop using it immediately.

That being said, there are products on the market that claim to show results in a few days.  It is likely that you will see the results they promise but they are unlikely to be longterm.  Typically these products just mask the issue without actually resolving it.

Will My Skin Get Used to the Products and Stop Working?

The answer to this question is not a single answer.  It is actually many answers. If you are using a product that is awesome and gives great results to your skin, don’t just change it because you are afraid your skin will get used to it.  There are many reasons to change a product but your skin won’t get a resistance to it.

If your skin is not reacting well to the product or is breaking out then you need to absolutely should change the product.  There is the also the possibility that your skin has changed due to hormones and age.  If this is the case then it is appropriate to change the product.

Just don’t change a product because you think you are supposed to. That will not be a good thing for your skin in the long run. You won’t ever see the full benefit of any given product if it constantly changing.  Listen to your skin and it will tell you if it is happy.

What Are Must-Have Products and Tools?

Once you know your skin type, how to tell a product is working or not, it is now time to ask another question.  When starting a skincare routine it is important to know what products and tools you actually have to have.  You don’t need everything that is offered.

When you decide how in-depth you want to go with your routine that is the time to decide the products and tools.  The tools could be as simple as a scrub sponge or as high tech as a laser light or microdermabrasion kit.

Must-haves for a really basic routine would be a good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for your skin type.  Whereas a more extreme routine would likely have more products and tools.

Regardless, what you consider must-haves will be a personal choice based on your preferences, lifestyle, and skin type.

Do I Need a Day Cream and a Night Cream?

This another one of those questions that really depends on a few factors.  One of them is your skin type.  You may have the type of skin that stays hydrated or the type of skin that is dry and wrinkles due to damage and dehydration.  One of these types would really benefit from a day and night cream while the other type may only need one.

Another factor is your age. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, hydration, and the ability to repair itself well. If you have older skin then it is likely that you do need both.  But as we have already said, listen to your skin.  If you try something and after a month or so it is not working or making things worse then stop and try something else.

What is Serum and Do I Need it?

A face serum is a treatment that is really concentrated.  Because of this, you are likely to see some quick results.  But do you actually need a face serum?  That, again, depends on your age.  If you are in your teens or 20s with great skin that repairs itself and has been properly cared for then no, you don’t.

However, people over the age of 30 should really consider getting a good face serum that will work for their skin type. One thing to consider though is that you need to use a serum and a cream.  The serum will go under the face cream because the serum doesn’t actually protect the skin.  It repairs it but the cream protects from further damage.

Do I Leave the Cleanser on or Rinse It?

Okay so this may be a weird question but it is asked pretty often.  There is a trend right now that tells people to leave their cleanser on.  The premise is that the cleanser is fighting bacteria all day and keeping your skin clean as well as keeping makeup and debris from clogging pores.

This really isn’t the case and should not be done, generally speaking.  Leaving cleansers on your skin all day long will do more harm than good and could actually damage your skin.  It is better to rinse the cleanser off when you use it and just wash your face well twice a day.

Does Price Indicate Effectiveness?

No, the price does not indicate effectiveness. There are absolutely stellar products that are budget-friendly prices and very expensive products that don’t give the results they promise.  The best thing to do is decide what products work best for your skin type that fits within your budget.

Knowing what you are able to spend will guide your shopping.  This being said, there are some things that paying more for will pay off, so to speak.  For instance, if you are at the age to need a serum then you will want to shell out some extra cash for the one that is best for your skin.

Is An Eye Cream Needed?

Your eyes and the skin around them are the most sensitive areas on your face.  The skin around the eye is actually quite a bit thinner than the other skin on your body and it is used more.  Blinking occurs so often throughout the day that it is no wonder fine lines and wrinkles are prevalent.

But you can’t stop blinking.  So what do you do?  Finding a good eye cream will solve a lot of your problems and your skin will be happy. Even if you want a really basic routine we suggest adding in an eye cream at least once a day.

What is the Most Basic Routine?

We want to give you an example of a very basic skincare routine to help give you a starting point.


In the morning the most basic thing to do is to wash your face. Once you have cleansed your face you need to put on a moisturizer and then a sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.


In the evening it is a little bit different.  Even with a basic routine, you will add a step at this time. Just like the morning, you will cleanse your face but between the wash and moisturizer, you will do your treatments, serums, or anything else that is special.  After that, you moisturize and go to bed.

All skincare routines should be tailored to your level of commitment and the skin type that you have.  If you have any questions or concerns about something your put on your skin or a skin condition you may have, contact your dermatologist.


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