How Much Does Age Affect Your Skin Care Routine?

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When it comes to skincare we can be creatures of habit.  Once we find something that we like the idea of changing it does not appeal to us.  That is just human nature.  But what about skincare products as we age?  Should we change them or leave them as they are?

Knowing how much aging affects your skincare routine is important as your age.  The fact is that your skin ages with you. Hormone levels change, cellular repair changes or slows, elasticity isn’t what it used to be, and we start noticing fine lines and wrinkles.  That being said, it really isn’t wise to never change skincare products.

Caring for your skin requires some basic knowledge about your skin in general.  How it ages, what affects it positively and negatively, and how to care for it at different ages.  You need to know that age matters and why as well as what ingredients are important for different ages.

Does Age Really Matter?

We as a society love to say things like “age doesn’t matter” or “age is just a number.” But in reality, age does matter and it isn’t just a number, at least when it comes to your skin.  Your skin isn’t the only that changes as your age so we really shouldn’t be surprised that we need to change things up a bit.

Typically as you age you don’t just change your skincare routine but other routines as well.  It is not unusual for things like diet, exercise, the way your dress, and your sleeping habits to change as your gain years and wisdom.  This is just part of the process.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can go your whole life and use the same exact skincare products and still see results.

Can I Use The Same Products at Any Age?

The truth is that you absolutely can use the same products at any age.  You can use the same product you used in your 20’s when you are in your 40’s.  It just isn’t advisable.  Just because something can be done doesn’t mean that it should be done.

There are brands that have products for different ages and stages of life when it comes to skincare.  So if you are brand loyal and just want to stay with that company then they may have a skincare line for your current stage of life.  The important thing is to know what your skin really needs as it ages and search out a product with those ingredients.

What Routine for What Age?

This isn’t just an article that is going to talk about generalities when it comes to aging and your skin.  We really want to help you hone in on what it is that your skin needs no matter what your age.

That is why we are going to go through and talk about the main needs of your skin during each decade starting in your 20’s.  This is great because once you know what ingredients are important and what your skin needs the most you can effectively create a skincare routine that keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

20 Somethings

Let’s say you are in your 20’s. Things are pretty basic and your skin is in at the very least decent shape.  You don’t require much and you want to have great skin but not spend a fortune on skincare products.  Because in this stage of life it is likely that you are a broke college student or just starting out in your career.

The good news is that this stage of life really requires the least amount of products and effort to make your skin look amazing.

At this point in life, you may still have some breakouts so a gentle cleanser is a must.  Make sure you use something that is right for your skin type.  All ages need moisturizers that are suited to what kind of skin they have and an SPF for UV protection.  It is also recommended that you start using a retinol cream because collagen starts to break down in the middle of this decade.

Pretty simple.  Those of the basic needs of this age group.  Everything else is optional.  If you choose more than just make sure that is something that is good for your skin and won’t cause any problems.

30 Somethings

Okay, listen up 30’s, this is an age when you might start seeing some changes.  You may be noticing the skin damage from all of those years sunbathing.  Wrinkles and fine lines are probably starting to show up and you may notice your skin is getting slightly dryer.

Because of all of this aging, it is now time to add a few things to the trusty skincare routine. If you haven’t been exfoliating now is the time to start doing that.  Because the skin may look dull and dry due to the loss of some oil production and collagen your skin will benefit from having the dead skin cells removed.

Don’t get carried away with exfoliating though.  A few times per week will be just fine.

Adding an antioxidant treatment such as a serum to your routine is going to help repair the damage that is done to your skin on a daily basis.  We can’t protect from everything so adding something to repair our skin is very important.

We mentioned using a retinol cream in your 20s but now it is time to up the ante.  During this decade you may want to see your dermatologist and get a prescription retinol cream that you apply at night. This will be more concentrated than what you can get at the store.

As always, you need a moisturizer and an SPF.

40 Somethings

Listen, no one likes aging and once you hit middle age the game completely changes.  Up until now, you have really been preparing for this decade.  Trying to take proper care of your skin so that the 40’s don’t your skin so hard.  But really no matter what you do this decade is coming with all of its hormonal glory.

During this decade women will likely start going through the premenopausal stages of life.  Hormones are in flux on a good day and wrinkles and fine lines seem to have a life of their own.  But you don’t have to just resign to this stage of life.  A proper skincare routine will do wonders.

At this age, you really need to add peptides to your skincare.  Peptides are something that occurs naturally in the body and are the building blocks of your skin. The natural production of these building blocks slows way down in your 40s which causes the wrinkles and fine lines.  Because of this, it is imperative to add a peptide serum to your routine.

If you haven’t already started using an eye cream then you should add one to your routine now.  The skin around your eyes is thinner than your other skin and it is actually used more because you blink so many times during the day. A good eye cream that you apply once or twice a day will make a difference in the long run.

Remember that retinol prescription you got in your 30’s?  It is time for a stronger version.  So head on back to the dermatologist and talk to them about a new dose.

50 Somethings

The 50s have come and now women are either in menopause or finishing menopause.  This is just the natural course of life but it is not good for the skin.  Once menopause comes your skin loses a ton of moisture which means it is time to change things up a little bit.  You should probably keep the retinol, peptides, and eye cream in addition to these things.

But you really need to add some things to get the best from your skin.  Since your skin is so dry during this stage you need to be careful of the cleanser that you need.  Some cleansers can be harsh and strip your skin of what little moisture your skin still has.

Changing your cleanser to a gentle cleanser that will simple clean your pores and leave the moisture behind is one thing that you need to do at this age. This is also the time to add a hyaluronic acid serum.  This serum helps keep your skin moist and adds extra moisture.  You will be so glad you added this when you aren’t suffering from dry skin.

Another thing that changes is the production of essential fats in the skin that help to keep it moisturized and wrinkle-free. To combat this problem you can add a ceramide cream to your line up.  We are now going to circle back to the retinol cream.  We have been steadily increasing the strength of this cream since our 30s and now is the time to decrease.

Retinol is actually a drying agent so we can use a lower dose.  You can have your dermatologist write a lower dose for your prescription or go back to an over the counter cream.  You also still need an SPF.

Act Your Age

While we can say that age doesn’t matter and it is just a number it isn’t actually true.  Especially when it comes to skincare. This is one area of your life that you really do need to act your age.  Your skin changes even if your mindset doesn’t.

Allowing your age to affect your skincare routine will result in a lifetime of beautiful skin that is also healthy from the inside out. By acknowledging how things change as we age we are doing our skin a favor.

But like always, if you have any questions or concerns about a skincare routine or product don’t hesitate to contact your dermatologist or skincare professional.

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