How to Find the Best Polynesian Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo of a back in disposable gloves

Finding the best Polynesian tattoo artist are quite different from choosing a Polynesian tattoo design online or in a tattoo studio. It’s a daunting process and you need to put many factors into consideration, like safety, personality, accuracy, ability, cost, style, quality, etc. Sounds a lot of work, right? Actually you’ll feel it’s not that complex after you read the content below.

Safety of Environment

The very first factor you should consider is your safety. It’s a essential part that you can’t treat lightly. A dirty Polynesian tattoo shop or studio will ruin your tattoo and also your health. You definitely don’t want a tattoo that could bring you disease. So experience is important in this process and the more helpful content you read, the smaller probability that you get disease.

Check the environment that you get tattooing. Be a picky person here. If it’s wet, scummy, or mussy, you’d better find another place. There are plenty of skilled tattoo artists who can give you the favorite tattoo in a clean and reliable environment.

Do they have “Standard Precautions”? “Standard Precautions” describes part of OSHA’s Blood borne Pathogens Rule, which means all infection control procedures and practices are followed all the time.

Personality of Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is a pretty long process that you’ll get through, so finding an artist that you feel comfortable with is very meaningful. The perfect scenario it you find an artist with a matching personality with you, so that you can full express your opinions and thought to your artist, assisting them to give you a better tattoo. Remember that if you don’t talk much to them, they can’t full understand your feeling because they’re not wizards, and the result will be that you’re extremely unsatisfied with your tattoo.

Slow Down the Pace

Don’t be anxious in this this step. Treat it seriously. Once you get a tattoo, it would cost you much to remove it, if you’re regretful for your tattoo someday in the future. Visit more shops and studios to widen the range of choices. Ask people who already had a tattoo for opinions.

Style of Tattoo Artist

Every tattoo artist has his own style. Even different Polynesian tattoo artist has different style according to their masters who might inherit the tattoo skill from different Polynesian branches. Before getting tattooed, you should make clear if they had a similar style to the design you have chosen. Skilled artists who focus on the style of you design can better suit it. A simple way is to check a single symbol of their works to see if it’s the same with that in your design. Click to get more information about the Polynesian symbols and its meanings.

Consistency of Artist

A good way here is checking the artist’s initial designs and photos of finished works on the body to see if they are consistent. You definitely don’t want to get a dog in coquetry when you want a lovely cat. Find their prior clients to get reviews and advices about the consistency.

Reviews of Artist

There are quite a lot of methods to get the reviews. In addition to getting advices from prior clients and friends, we’ll list more easy ways you can use at home.

Go to and search the artist’s studio name in your city. Read what other people are saying about you artist.

Type your artist name plus “tattoo reviews” in Google to see if there are some information that you can take into consideration.

Type your artist’s studio name or studio name plus “tattoo” in Google to see if they have a website, click the Facebook and Twitter buttons on their websites to go to their pages to check their works and clients’ reviews.

Skill of Tattoo Artist

Polynesian tattoo artists’ skills can vary. You should carefully watch the photos of their works in detail to judge a skilled artist. Does a curl look smooth? Does a line look straight? Sounds simple but it can determine success or failure of a tattoo. You’ll be extremely crazy in the future when you feel imperfect about lines of the tattoo on your body.


Getting a tattoo can cost you lots of money, but we suggest do not choose a too cheap artist. The cheap buyer always takes bad meat. Lower cost means lower quality. It doesn’t mean that low cost would bring you a less skillful artist, but money should be a minor consideration.

Where can I find my Polynesian tattoo artist?

We have been collecting artist information in US and listed them on our site. Click to find a Polynesian tattoo artist or studio in your state.

You can also get a lot of information by asking friends and visiting groups on social networks.

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