How to Find the Right Tattoo for Me?

find the right tattoo

After determination of getting the first tattoo, you step into a wavering procedure: Finding the exactly matching tattoo design for yourself. This process can cost you a long time but it worth. The more time and effort you spend, the more satisfying tattoo you’ll get. This article will show you 5 ways and 3 principles to find your perfect tattoo.

  1. Google Image Search

    Of course Google Images is a brilliant tool for you to find plenty of free tattoo designs and photos, and you’ll get many inspirational tattoo designs that help you make a decision, if you type in the right keywords. No matter what you’re interested in, just type it with a word “tattoo” added. For example, you’re obsessed with phoenix then you can just type “phoenix tattoo”. Every aspect in life can be associated with tattoo so just do brainstorming and be creative. By doing this you’ll get inspirations but the results you get would have probably been taken by other people. If you want some unique design then simply change the word “tattoo” to other keywords like: logo, statue, fantastic designs, wallpaper, t-shirt, poster, etc. Then you’ll get really great resources for your first tattoo.

  2. Web 2.0 Sites

    Besides Google Image Search, there is also a great deal of web 2.0 sites to explore. Websites like Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all good tattoo resources. You can use the keyword strategy mentioned above to search plenty of tattoo designs in these social media sites.

  3. Tattoo Magazines and Books

    Another good place to search an inspirational tattoo is tattoo books and magazines. You can buy them in bookstore, shops and websites like amazon and eBay. You’ll get much information of tattoos and artists.

  4. Print It Out and Piece Together

    When you find some fancy pictures you like, you print them out and cut them. Then piece them together to shape a customized tattoo you like. If they’re some simple characters, words or symbols, you can place it where you want it to be. This method is especially effective for tattoos consisting of simple symbols, like Polynesian tattoos.

    P.S. Print those pictures with high resolution. Don’t bring a thumbnail to a tattoo artist and ask them tattoo it. The result may not be the original one that you choose.

  5. Online Tattoo Blogs and Websites

    Tattoo design websites like us are very good places to go for finding a tattoo. Some of them offer a wide range of tattoo designs and blogs usually focus on a single category (We focus on Polynesian Tattoo Designs). Some big websites like offer a big database of tattoo designs where you can definitely find a favorite design, but you need to pay some money for its membership. Tattoo blogs and websites (especially blogs) also provide great advices for you about how to choose a dream tattoo.

    There’re also some principles you should insist on:

  • Be Fastidious

    If you hesitate to determine a tattoo or can’t make sure it’s just the one that you like, then simply ignore it and move on to the next.

  • Be specific

    If you focus on a category then you’ll have more chances to find the right tattoo. Doing the research itself is a funny process, so don’t be impatient.

  • Be Unrestrained

    This is about creativity but not homework. Just think big and do brainstorming, you can always find whatever you want.

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