How to Talk to Your Tattoo Artist

how to talk to your tattoo artist

Before going to speak with the artist you need to have somewhat clear mind about what you wish your tattoo to be like. You should have some samples of images with you so you can describe what you like and what you don’t. By doing this will ensure that you end up with a tattoo design that you are definitely satisfied with. Below are a few factors that you need to consider carefully.

Talk Your Preference

As we said, bringing some sample tattoo designs with you so that you can talk about the style you want the elements of the samples to be embedded in, and what you want to be represented, whether it’s a family coat of arms or a sacred demigod, like tiki (demigods in Polynesian culture to represent deified ancestors), would help you a lot when communicating with the artist. You can also bring in particular samples of what you dislike, to limit a range of references for the artist. Bear in mind about the size and placement and express your ideas to the artist.

Try to Ask More

Generally, the matters to talk with your artist are your mind, tattoo size, placement, ideas, time, style and price. You must ask all the concerns that you want to know before sitting in the chair. Ask the tattoo artist if he/she feels comfortable giving you this tattoo, or he/she could provide you recommendations of other artists to better finish the tattoo work for you.

But it doesn’t mean that you should ask the artist what tattoo you should have. This might leads to regret in the future. Anyway, it’s your tattoo on your own body, expressing your ideas and feelings, which can’t be replaced by other people’s minds. A good way to talk with tattoo artist is asking for expert tattoo guidance what might work better if you have multiple designs to choose.

Know Your Skin

According to your skin type and color, your tattoo artist will have matching recommendations. Tattoo artist will turn your idea and minds into a specific tattoo that look nice and can be achieved. Following the process, the tattoo artist may want to keep some of the reference samples you brought, and he or she will start to draw some rough sketches of the tattoo, and you will need to set an appointment to check the design, give revisions, and then start tattooing session. Note that you may need to put down a deposit at this stage.

Be Picky About the Tattoo Design

At the next appointment, the design sketch is finished and you should carefully check it. Take your time to communicate with him/her. If it has any detail that you don’t expect, express that feeling and ask for redrawing or adjusting the design. If they can’t do it, you should start to consider another artist who can better satisfy you. Good communications in this step will make your design more perfect.

Pay Close Attention to the Placement

The tattoo artist will cover a stencil of the tattoo deign on your body when you’re both happy with the design. It’s another crucial step that needs full communication. Take your time to talk to your artist. If you’re uncomfortable about the placement of the stencil, talk your feelings to the artist and he/she will adjust it to a place that you’re happy with. By checking the stencil in the mirror frequently will make you have a perfect placement.

When your tattoo is done, you should ask him/her for aftercare suggestions of the tattoo. Generally every tattoo artist have his/her own aftercare suggestions and instructions, based on his/her experience and styles that he/she focuses on. Make it clear to avoid infection caused by your tattoo.

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