Legal Status of Tattooing and Common Related Issues

legal status of tattoos

Teenagers nowadays think that what getting a tattoo required is only consent of their parents. They are too eager to get a tattoo, thus ignore the laws related to tattooing. The situations can vary from different states and nations. So convincing parents is just half the road which leads to the goal.

Nearly every law has an age limitation on tattooing. It’s not legal to tattoo a person who is under the limitation. According to this, no matter how consenting the adults are, you still can’t get your tattoo and all you can do is just waiting for the birthday.

Laws about Tattooing in USA

In the United States, most laws require that the person getting tattooed must be an adult over 18, and some states require minor with parental consent. For example, California has a no consent law, which means regardless of your parent willing to take you, you have to be 18, and in Alabama, the law says that a 14-years-old minor can be tattooed but must have written parental consent. So the question “is it legal to get a tattoo under 18 with parents’ consent” can be answered here.

You can refer to Wikipedia for more nations’ age restrictions and laws on tattooing.

Age Limitation of Tattooing in United Kingdom

According to UK’s law, the legal age limit of tattooing is 18 since 1969. Consent from parents cannot set you free from the law. You need to wait until the legal age to get it.

Although you cannot get your tattoo at once, there is still some good aspects. You have plenty of time to determine your first tattoo design, its style, color, spot, meaning, etc. You have plenty of time to do your research and absorbing advices from people. We are sure that you could find a extremely perfect and unique tattoo design before the birthday. You can also take your tattoo as your birthday gift.

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