Neutrogena Skin ID Review

skinid-matr-7385282Acne is fairly common, but those who suffer with it wish it was much less common, and that’s where Neutrogena Skin ID comes in. It will help you get rid of the unattractive blemishes that make you wish you could be done with them for good. There are lots of acne products from which to make a choice, and many people who research the various brands select Neutrogena Skin ID.

How Many Products Make Up the Neutrogena Skin ID program?

The Skin ID treatment solutions consist of ten different products that cleanse the skin, treat your acne and leave your skin healthier and brighter. You can cleanse your skin using cleansing pads and agents, and the acne treatments will help you to get rid of blemishes once and for all.

When you start the Skin ID program, you’ll fill out an evaluation of your skin condition, including skin type and any products you have already tried or are currently using. Based on the answers from this questionnaire, you will have a three-step combination suggested. There are 25 different combinations, and you’ll get the one that will work the best for your skin type.

This system is unique in the way it targets your problem specifically, after your answers to the questions about your skin condition and type. The questions allow Neutrogena to evaluate the unique problems and characteristics of your skin, and then to suggest the products that are targeted to your own problem.

Why Do I Need to Fill Out the Questionnaire Before Treatment?

Many acne product manufacturers give everyone with acne the same treatments and cleansing products. This doesn’t allow for the differences in oily and dry skin. The products in the Neutrogena Skin ID program will be matched to you, suggesting which cleanser, toner and disinfectant for you to use. They will match with your skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, normal or combination. The system will also factor in the type and frequency of your breakouts and how sensitive your skin tends to be.

Neutrogena claims that it can eliminate about 70% of most people’s blemishes in two months’ time. It’s not a bold claim, but it’s bolder than many other products. You’ll get targeted results instead of using a “one type fits all” product.

You’ll be asked in the questionnaire to tell Neutrogena about your skin type, since different types result in different acne problems. For example, if your skin is dry, it may be dull and flaky, and you may be more likely to have a problem with pimples, over whiteheads or blackheads.

Oily skin may have a greasy feel to it, and it doesn’t usually flake. This type of skin is more likely to be bothered with blackheads or whiteheads.

Your skin might be dry in some places and oily in others, and this is known as combination skin. Usually, the areas around the nose and forehead tend to be oily, and the side of your face may be dry. You may also have normal skin, neither excessively dry nor oily. People with normal skin can also have acne.

How Does Neutrogena Skin ID Treat Acne?

Your treatments will include a specific type of cleanser that will most suitably match your specific skin type and issues. You’ll want to thoroughly cleanse your face, and prepare it for the acne treatment, which may come in a cream or lotion. After you apply the treatment, you’ll moisturize your skin. The treatments work because they will dissolve the built-up oil so that the salicylic acid will be able to heal your pores from within.

Has any Medical Testing Been Done to Prove that Neutrogena Skin ID Works?

The formula in Skin ID mainly contains anti-acne elements that have been proven to get rid of acne. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the main ingredients, and it is well-known for its acne-fighting abilities.

Benzoyl peroxide is also approved and recognized by the National Institute of Health, for fighting acne. The thorough cleansing pads and other treatments also contain salicylic acid, a chemical known for its ability to fight off stubborn acne.

Neutrogena is a company that is well-known for its skin products of many types. It’s a trusted name with a great deal of experience in caring for skin. The products themselves are quite successful and the brand is one that people know and trust.

What if Neutrogena Skin ID Doesn’t Work for Me?

No one product will work for everyone, of course. You have a 60-day money-back guarantee for the Skin ID products you buy. You can also become a member, if the products work well for you, which will allow you to get the helpful products delivered to you at a lower price.

It’s advantageous to have a variety of products available in a treatment plan. With over 25 combinations, you may find one within the program that works better for you. In a clinical trial with 500 participants, each assigned specific products based on the questionnaire system, showed some improvement in each case, even if it wasn’t major. But no product gets rid of everyone’s blemishes.

Why Should I Choose Neutrogena Skin ID Instead of Another Brand?

Neutrogena Skin ID is a treatment for acne that is gaining popularity as more people discover it. It works on moderate through severe acne, and it has not shown side effects of any major level. Satisfied users report glowing and softer skin, with fewer break-outs and the clearing up of pimples that they already had when they started using the products.

When used in the program designed after your initial questionnaire, Neutrogena will give you the complete solution to your acne problem. It is easy to work with, smells pleasant, and won’t leave your skin dried out or greasy. The steps to follow are simple, and the product has a fast treatment time.

Based on your specific skin type and the stage and severity of your acne, Neutrogena may be a good choice for you. Many users report positive results, and you still have the money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work for you.

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