Safety Issues of Removing a Tattoo at Home with Salt


Do you want to remove a tattoo at home using salt? You must have read many guides and instructions on internet, which claim to help you get through this removal process and ensure the safety. But is it really safe? The fact is the results may vary from people to people due to the sensibility of skin. So before you go any further into the removal process using salt and water, we recommend you read this article first to have a clear mind about your skin and the side effects of this method.

We’re not saying that this method is not safe, but listing some possible side effects that may happen to a small group of people.

According to some people’s experiences, this method could irritate the upper tier of the skin, resulting in inflammatory reaction which will make the skin easier to infect. Because tattoo is embedded in the epidermis, you won’t get tattoo removed until reaching the epidermis by removing all the upper layers. So, this method will more or less cause some damage to the epidermis, which may cause some hideous scars. If you have a sensitive skin, then you’d better not try this method.

Doing It at Home Is a Bad Idea

Besides damage to epidermis, risks or possible side effects of this method also include scarring, inflammation, incomplete removal of pigment, etc. And It will not only hurt during the process, but also leave you with a scar replacing the tattoo.

Consult with a Physician

You should always consult with a physician when you want to get your tattoo removed. This is all for your health. A qualified physician will help you get rid of a tattoo, limiting the side effects to minimal scarring.

For a comparison of methods of tattoo removal, you can refer to this article. There are also people who recover quite well after using this method and have little scar on their skin. Anyway, the choices are in your hands. You can also do deep research on this method. After all, it’s the most money saving way to remove a unwanted tattoo.

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