Where Should I Put My Tattoo On My Body?

where to put a tattoo on your body

There are lots of debates on the placement where people should get their first tattoos on. But at least we know that people who wants a tattoo on his body, is making a decision to express their lifestyles by decorating those parts of body. And most of them know that the tattoo placement cannot be on throat or mouth. They want their first tattoo to be unique and they don’t want to ruin it.

The fact is that you can place it wherever you like, but as it’s the first one that could be with you for your whole life, you still need to consider it carefully. The picture below shows the suggestions of common tattoo placement and their disadvantages. We hope this picture will be advisable on determining the placement of your body where you place your next or new tattoo.


Four parts showed in this picture are the common parts people get tattooing and their shortcomings are also listed.


It’s probably not appropriate for you to choose shoulder as the placement because if you reside in an area where is hot all through the year, or you often go to the ocean, your tattoo will fade quickly and you have to use sunscreen and suntan lotion. But it’s still a popular place where most people choose to get their tattoos. For example, many Polynesian designs are drawn for shoulder. So, if you can take good care of your tattoo all the time, it’s a pretty good placement for you.

Lower Back Hip and Stomach

Besides this position, there are other spots on your body where is spongy and squishy, like armpit and stomach. These areas are not recommended because they are not the sturdiest parts of the body, which results in the fade, loss of structure and colors of your tattoo. Stomach is a crazy pot on your body that will ruin the shape of your tattoo, unless you can ensure your fitness and weight for a pretty long time.

Waist of Your Back

We can’t agree with the opinions on this spot showed in the picture, because this spot is extremely popular among women. A tattoo on this spot looks very sexy and elegant. Men are always attracted to the tattoo on this spot. As we’re focusing on providing Polynesian tattoo information, you can click here to enjoy Polynesian Hip Tattoos that we shared.

The Feet

The feet are spots which are used every day and aggregates much sweat. A tattoo here can feed extremely fast and it’s hard for you to take care of. If you insist on getting a feet tattoo, you’d better prepare plenty of suntan lotions and antiperspirant to keep its color.

No matter where you finally decide to put your tattoo, asking for a pro’s opinions is always an essential step before getting tattooing. Tattoo artists will tell you the fittest spot according to your tattoo design. They will also tell you which part of the body is the most painful spot. Make clear all these issues before getting to the next procedure.

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