What’s the Best Blackhead Remover?

If you’re trying to purge yourself of blackheads, you’re probably on the hunt for the best blackhead remover out there.

The thing about blackhead removal products is that they come in many different shapes and sizes and each of them has a slightly different purpose. One may be great for getting rid of all those pesky blackheads that make your skin feel rough when you run your finger over your skin.

Another may be perfect for loosening up stubborn blackheads that seem impossible to dislodge from your skin.

Whatever your needs are – at least one of the below blackhead removal tools will get the job done. Ready to take your pores back?

Best Blackhead Remover #1. Pore Strips

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Pore strips are probably the most best-known blackhead removers on the market. They’re highly affordable, easily accessible, and amazingly effective at what they do. Plus, they’re convenient as hell, removing blackheads in just a few minutes!

The best pore strips have strong bonding capabilities that allow the strip to latch onto blackheads that have extruded out of your pores – you know what we’re talking about, these are the blackheads you can feel when you run your fingers over your nose. Pore strips are great for pulling these types of blackheads out of your pores. Here are the best pore strips for blackheads!

The drawback to pore strips is that they’re contoured for your nose, making them effective for getting rid of blackheads on the nose but not so much for the more stubborn blackheads on your cheeks, forehead or anywhere else on your face.

Another drawback is also that pore strips are only effective for blackheads that are sticking out. For the ones that are embedded deeper in your pores, pore strips are virtually ineffective.

As such, pore strips are best as your first line of combat against the most obvious, extruding blackheads. For the more stubborn, embedded blackheads – look to the blackhead remover tools below.

Best Blackhead Remover #2. Blackhead Mask

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Okay, now that you’ve pulled out the visibly extruding blackhead on your nose – what about the rest of your face? I mean, cheek blackheads and forehead blackheads are a very pesky phenomenon for many of us – it only makes sense you want to get rid of these too while you’re at it.

To remove blackheads from the rest of your face, go for a peel-off mask. Our favorite is Daiso's Charcoal Peel Off Mask. Just spread a thick, even layer of it anywhere you have blackheads – or just your entire face – and then peel it off once it’s completely dry.

Try to avoid getting in on facial hair like your eyebrows as this can be pretty painful when you’re peeling off the mask since this stuff does a really good job sticking to everything on your face. On a bright note, if you’re overdue for a wax session – this will take care of that for you. Oh, and the peach fuzz on your cheeks and chin? That’ll come off along with your blackheads so you’ve been warned!

Best Blackhead Remover#3. Extractor Tools

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Some blackheads aren’t extruding out – they need some gentle pressure to convince them to get the hell out of our pores! Most of us go at such blackheads with our fingers and nails, applying pressure on the area around the blackhead in an attempt to squeeze out the little bugger.

That’s just not sanitary.

Not only are you transferring oil and grime from your finger and nails to your delicate facial skin but you’re also putting undue pressure on the pores surrounding that blackhead you’re targeting.

A blackhead removal tool is a simple, affordable, and effective solution to this problem. It allows you to manually remove blackheads from your pores much in the way you’d do with your fingers, but in a cleaner, more sanitary, more effective way.

To pick the best blackhead removal tool, look for one with two loops – one at each end – one a thick, flat loop to apply gentle and even pressure on the area around the blackhead to draw it out and another a thin, angled loop that allows you to apply pressure in angles to coax stubborn blackheads out from your pores.

Just one of those tools might be enough to clean blackheads off your entire face, but since blackheads happen in different places and can take slightly different tools to extract, a smarter option is to go for a blackhead remover kit. 6 Piece Set Blackhead Remover and Acne Extractor Kit Specifically Treats Face Blemishes, Pimples,... – this is for those blackhead extractors who mean business!

The kit comes with 5 sturdy, stainless steel extractor tools that will help you remove pretty much any and all blackheads, whiteheads, comedones and anything else you find taking up space in your pores. It’s a significant step up from the simple blackhead removal tool and will allow you to take the blackhead extraction process to a whole new level.

We especially like the set comes with several circular extractor ends that will help you isolate and draw out even deep-rooted, stubborn blackheads, like this:

But keep in mind that while blackhead removal tools like these are simple and effective, they also have the drawback of applying pressure on your skin. Most people are fine with this, but others with sensitive, easily scarring skin will want to stay away from these tools.

For sensitive skin types, the best way to remove blackheads is through some convincing coaxing…

Best Blackhead Remover #4. Blackhead Vacuum

No products found.

Ever wish you could just suck up the annoying blackheads dotting your skin? You know, like with a blackhead vacuum that allows you to get the gunk out – no muss, no fuss.

Well, with this handy little pore-clearing gadget, you can. No products found. is in a class of its own when it comes to blackhead removal. The gadget has five power settings for varying levels of stubborn, deeply-embedded blackheads and it literally sucks deeply embedded gunk out of your pores.

You’ll literally see the gross gunky sebum fly out of your pores.

This handy gadget is the best blackhead remover out there – it works fantastically for visibly extruding blackheads as well as the smaller, more deeply embedded blackheads. The only thing is that it’s highly addicting – once you see the stuff that dislodges from your pores, you’ll be tempted to use this daily. Which is not a bad thing, considering this gadget is safe and gentle enough to use on a daily or even twice-a-day basis, but can cause bruising, especially if you get ambitious and go for the highest settings.

So start slow and steady.

To top it all off, this blackhead vacuum is No products found. It’ll hardly break the bank and it’s got pretty much all your pore de-gunking needs covered. Plus, it’s even got a great microdermabrasion function so you get a powerful exfoliator with the gadget. And of course, at the same time – it’s quite possibly the most effective at purging your pores of the most minute trace of blackheads.

Best Blackhead Remover #5. Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System

Clarisonic Mia 1 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush System, Pink
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Ah, the trusty, famous Clarisonic. It’s not specifically a blackhead removal product but it is a seriously deep cleansing product that does a great job at extracting blackheads.

The Clarisonic Cleansing System is a handheld cleansing gadget that cleans using a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second, providing an intense deep cleaning that removes twice as much dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil from your pores than cleaning with your hands will allow. As for makeup, Clarisonic removes 6x more makeup than you can with your hands, no matter how vigorously you scrub.

A huge factor in blackheads is the buildup up excess gunk on the skin, which causes pore blockages that lead to blackheads and even acne. The first step in your line of defense should be a deep-reaching cleanser, of which Clarisonic is hands-down the best.

The Clarisonic is a bit price-y, but ask any user – they’ll tell you it’s worth every penny.

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