Lidocaine Cream for Tattoos Review: Should I Use It

Lidocaine Cream for Tattoos Review: Should I Use It

Tattoos can sometimes hurt quite a bit depending on how sensitive your skin is and how large the tattoo you are getting is. There are a variety of things that you can do for this, but lidocaine is one of the best options.

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Why To And Why Not To Use Lidocaine

Of course, the first advantage of using lidocaine is the fact that it can really help with your pain. This is definitely a reason why to use this if you know that you do not have a high pain tolerance and yet you want to get a tattoo.

In this case, however, almost any numbing agent can be used. Lidocaine is by far the best numbing agent that you can use for tattoos though, it is even one of the things that doctors will sometimes use in order to numb a person’s skin for certain things.

This should be pretty conclusive proof that it is a good anesthetic or it would not be used so much in the medical field. While it numbs it also deadens the nerves that are in that area. While this might sound like the same thing, it actually isn’t.

Even when an area is numb sometimes the nerves can still twitch some in reaction to the pain that you do not feel. Because it deadens the nerves it prevents this twitching from happening, making your skin that much easier to work on.

When it comes to the reasons why you shouldn’t use lidocaine, these are very few. Firstly, there is the fairly popular belief that getting a tattoo is supposed to hurt a little and that only wimps do anything for the pain.

This is entirely up to you, though you should know that some tattoo shops do not even offer a numbing agent for this reason. Others, however, do offer it, so if it is something you want you may have to take a look at the place you want to get your tattoo from. This can be a bit of trouble, since you may have to call and ask someone who works there.

What To Look For In A Numbing Cream

When you are trying to pick a numbing cream to put on your tattoo, there are a few things that you are going to want to look for. The first thing is that you want to make sure that Lidocaine is listed as one of the ingredients in it.

Benzocaine is another numbing agent that you can find in numbing creams, but this does not work so well. You also want to check the PH of the cream that you plan on using. While it might not seem important what the PH is, it is actually vitally important if you want your tattoo to turn out right.

This is because if the PH is anywhere in the alkaline range then it will affect your skin. This means that it can also affect the tattoo you chose to get, potentially messing up both the shape and color of the tattoo.

Since this is obviously not something that you want to happen, this is why it is vital that you get a numbing cream that is in the acidic range, preferably well under a PH of 7. This information can be quite a bit difficult to find, but the fact that lidocaine is acidic helps to make sure that creams with this ingredient have the PH that you need.

Finally, the last thing that you want to look for is a numbing cream that is water-based. These are even less likely to interfere in any way with your tattoo or to mess it up.

How To Use Lidocaine

Now that you know what to look for in a numbing cream, the next thing that you are probably going to need to know is how to use it. While cream is the most popular form, there is also the option to get it in a spay from.

Both options work the same, however, and you apply either one to your skin where you plan on getting your tattoo and rub it in well after making sure that the area is clean and dry. If you use too little then you will still feel pain, but you do not want to overdo it as there are potential side effects that can result if you do so.

Lidocaine is at its best between half an hour to two hours from the time you rub it in. This being said, you should use this information and apply it around half an hour before you get your tattoo. Once it is rubbed in, rinse it off with plenty of soapy water.

The next step is to wrap the area, preferably with something that will trap in heat without absorbing the cream. This will make your blood flow close to the surface of your skin where the lidocaine is and will make it much more effective.

This can be saran wrap, plastic wrap, cling film, or anything else like these. Most creams have a recommended time that you should keep it wrapped. While you can cut the time short, the effects will not be as good. You should never wear the wrap for longer though.

Some of the potential side effects are an irregular heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and other serious things if it gets into your bloodstream. To prevent this from happening, never use on an area of skin where you have a scratch or something and keep it away from your eyes and ears.

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Lidocaine is something that can really help give you the courage to go for that amazing tattoo that you have been wanting to get. There are all sorts of expensive creams out there, but a good numbing cream does not need to be expensive.

All in all, one of the best options is something that is called Uber Numb, and as an added plus it can even be used for other things besides tattoos. This means that if you decide not to get that tattoo after all that it will not be money wasted if you buy it.

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