Best Pore Strips for Blackheads: Top 3 Picks

Pore strips are awesome. Sure, they won’t help you get rid of blackheads permanently or stop new blackheads from forming, but they are a great way to instantly purge your nose of blackheads. Not to mention the great – and sort of sick – fun you get from seeing all those waxy plugs pulled out right from your pores.

The thing is – not all pore strips are created equal. Some are simply more effective than others. We’ve tried and tested around a gazillion pore strips and found the 3 best pore strips to purge your pores of blackheads.

Here they are, in no particular order.

Best Pore Strips #1. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore is the go-to name when it comes to pore strips. They’ve been in the pore-purging industry for awhile now and they’ve perfected their craft with Bioré Nose+Face, Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, 12 Nose + 12 Face Strips for Chin or Forehead, with...

We love these pore strips simply ’cause they know how to hang on to blackheads. Yea, these pore strips attach to your skin like, well, a second skin, and lock onto pore-embedded blackheads with the grip of death.

We like these better than their Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips as these are less irritating for those with sensitive skin (no menthol, no alcohol), making them highly effective without being abrasive. It’s also great that they offer more than nose strips so you can use them in to get rid of blackheads in cheeks and forehead regions as well.

They also offer these with purifying charcoal which works just as well as the regular white ones, but come with the additional perk of more oil absorption so if you’ve got a shiny nose problem – try the charcoal pore strips instead!

Best Pore Strips #2. Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleansing Nose Strips

Earth Therapeutics Clari-T Pore Cleansing Nose Strips
  • Relieves blackheads, whiteheads, skin blemishes

We love this product for its efficacy as well as natural ingredients. Earth Therapeutic's Clari-T Pore Strips contain organic tea tree oil which has an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect on your pores while the strips get to work locking in the nasty blackheads to be purged clear out from your pores.

These blackhead nose strips are great for those whose skin takes nicely to tea tree oil, but not so much for sensitive-skin types as the tea tree oil can be slightly drying. At These are amazingly priced, especially considering their efficacy.

Best Pore Strips #3. The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Nose Strips (w/ Aloe)

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Nose Strips (w/ Aloe)
  • Speedy Solution Nose Pore Cleaning Strips for a purifying pore care. It has strong...
  • Contains Jeju bamboo, Jeju akebia, Jeju fusiform for healthy skin care. Ash Nose...

Okay, we love the above blackhead pore strips, but these take the cake. Why?

The Face Shop's Pore Strips use volcanic mud from New Zealand’s Rotorua area and volcanic mud is awesome – it’s a natural detoxifier that soaks up oil, dirt, and impurities from your pores. Not to mention it does a fantastic job of latching onto blackheads and pulling them clean out of your pores – translation: more gleeful observing of all the nasty blackheads that have been banished from your face (yes, disgusting pleasure, we know, but it’s oh, so fun).

We love these packs as they’re natural, soothing (thanks, aloe) and detoxify naturally (thanks, mud) as well as do a great job extracting blackheads. Get 'em here!

How to Get the Best Results with Blackhead Remover Strips…

  • Use (In)frequently. If you haven’t used one of these before (or it’s been a long time), you’re going to blown away by all the awesome gunk that comes out….and be tempted to do it again the next day…and the next…and the next. Don’t do that! These pore strips provide a deep extraction that’s best used around once a week.
  • Steam first. Steam has a way of opening up your pores and open pores are easier targets for blackhead extraction. Use the pores after emerging from a hot, steamy shower for best results!
  • Clean after. Sometimes, a little residue from the pore strips will stay on your skin. Not cool. Make sure you clean your face of any pore strip residue afterwards as well as care for those pores that have recently lost their nasty residents (blackheads) with a gentle blackhead clearing cleansing regimen.
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